The Ocean’s Daughter

upon the beach below a sandy cliff reclines the body of a woman a temptress a sorceress she lays not lifeless but full of life vitality prowess skill a conjurer of potions and emotions unshakable feelings and thoughts all consuming passions in control but controllable her hair rests about her face and shoulders long and […]


Her heart is a cathedral. Bright stain-glassed windows, each a story to tell. So her own story is mapped out in ink across her breast. The entrance, tall imposing doors, not easily opened with gargoyles guarding each side, lips raised in stark, snarling warning. Beware. Yet, if you simply step past them, you’d find they […]

Unassured (Portraits pt. 1)

When you’ve found the perfect love, you’ll sacrifice everything for him. A small mousy woman, she has little hope of finding love. Always a wallflower overlooked by any and all, she fades from memory as quickly as eyes pass over her. She’s a lonely young woman who is surprised and honored the day he walks […]


your tongue writes grace upon my thighs your teeth show (no) mercy but they teach me patience though I’m dripping nectar as drops of dew cling to my swollen petals hold my wrists firmly and I find stillness and peace for I conquer time every moment I look into your eyes fuck me roughly don’t […]

Loose This Beast

you draw me like the sea you clear my eyes my heart you ignite the fire of passion inside me like I have never felt I don’t want you I need you to take you to brand you as my own with the fire that is my love for you a beast you have awakened […]


your eyes shine like the moon and the stars as I’m pushed against the wall and your fingers are burying deep inside and gasping cries are licked off my lips when you pull back to look at me my hand snakes behind your neck and I pull you in again my tongue along your teeth […]

Her Love is Magic

take my hand, my love walk with me down the narrow dirt path which winds through our valley my feet and yours, bare raw earth absorbing let us find our way that perfect place where the lifelines cross the threads wear thin the portal easily opens a place of sanctity a place for the divine […]

Morning Sun

you are the bright morning sun I am a mere flower worshipping your light when you kiss my face I turn to you and open my petals shine upon me I am caressed, coated with the night’s dew your breath makes me this way so stretch forth your rays pluck me and drink me my […]


resting my tongue along the cords of your throat I can taste your heartbeats they are intoxicating and whisper with tears listening with my lips peering into your heart my ears can easily see those sighs and groanings words better left between your teeth I’ll devour them anyway nipping and sucking them out one by […]