Tonight I’m staring at your face Committing to memory what’s already memorized Seconds become minutes become an hour Still I gaze My fingers stretch out and trace all your curves I am lost in thoughts and dreams and all the emotions that come with us I want you You fill all the empty parts of […]


what hurts is I am nothing but a piece of clay filling a void I’m not the missing piece just a piece of muddy clay and when the hole doesn’t feel so empty you cast me aside until you need a substitute again I’m not sure why I do this to myself why I allow […]


I’m dry and I’m wet Memories of your tongue on my flesh Burning trails You licked your name off my lips While I etched mine on your thighs Using my teeth and my tongue I’m a raging inferno Flames tasting my flesh Or is it you? I’m a gushing river Torrential flow across my lips […]

Whispers and Kisses

Upon waking this morn My mind was filled with thoughts of you Memories of your voice Your face floating before my eyes Oh how I love your smile I’m drawn in and back to dreaming Our lips touching First gentle becoming rough Hungry My tongue licking your lip Sucking on it Kissing the corners of […]

Expanding Synapses

dreams to reality I feel your hand brush my hip and stirring I realize I can feel you coursing through my veins no deeper still for you move along the synapses of all my nerves somewhere along the way you found me as I lay eyes wide open staring in death’s grasp your lips touched […]