As he tastes my skin Early in the morning I wonder what it is he finds Upon his wandering tongue Is it the spice of passion? The bitterness of loneliness? Or the sticky sweet honey of love? Am I cinnamon and clove? Earth after it has rained? Salty tears of heartache? I imagine I’m not […]

dead ahead – reblog

The language of small talk kills me when it has to walk with death. What do your parents do? Well. My parents were professors. My dad was a professor, but he retired, and then died. My mom was a professor, but she retired. My parents were professors, but it is no longer the same kind […]

The Real Me

Don’t put too much thought into me The real me Into who I really am Don’t read it into my poems Or my fantasies I’m really no one special See, he taught me a long time ago That I wasn’t worth it I wasn’t smart enough or good enough I was no different than any […]


This is going to sound super cheesy but have you ever felt like you waited your whole life to meet somebody, like everything that came before was just preparing you for this one person, not for a single moment but for that one person, and when you finally meet them or they become a part […]


Her heart is a cathedral. Bright stain-glassed windows, each a story to tell. So her own story is mapped out in ink across her breast. The entrance, tall imposing doors, not easily opened with gargoyles guarding each side, lips raised in stark, snarling warning. Beware. Yet, if you simply step past them, you’d find they […]

Grey Forgotten

I am the color brown. Brown as the mud on my hands. Brown as a churning dirty spring river. Brown as the fur of a diminutive mouse. No, I am not quite brown. Perhaps I am the color black. Black as cooled lava flows. Black as the starless night sky. Black as his eyes dilated […]

3.2.1 Quote Me! – Literature

Thanks to Rory over at A Guy Called Bloke for mentioning me. I’m supposed to leave you with two quotes about today’s topic: Literature “There is no scent so pleasant to my nostrils as that faint, subtle reek that comes from an ancient book.” -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle “The purpose of literature is to turn […]

Finding Myself

I have found through living in this vast state that if I allow myself to lose myself, I end up actually finding my true self. Alaska, with its wide vistas; tall mountains; ample beaches and oceanfront landscapes; diverse wildlife; smoking volcanoes; long summer days and dark winter nights; the auroras; spirited folks with a mind […]