Winter’s Fire

my flames of passion burn bright for you my love in the morning all I see is cold flesh and slanted eyes your tears are crystals of ice but my tongue is fire wrapping my arms around you desire licking ice from off your skin look into my eyes feel the heat of my ravenous […]


go on, lay your lips upon my thighs suckle there you will find yourself come alive there in my valley drink down my rivers of life gushing in torrents lap me with that soft and thick tongue my fingers will plow furrows in your hair while my land quakes and shudders curl your tongue taste […]

Honey Bee

Slip your arms around me Unzip all these clothes Caress my exposed throat Fondle my soft skin Sweep your tongue across my lips Wash me with your presence Graze your teeth upon me Stroke up my tender thighs Trace these luscious curves Taste my exquisite nectar Drink my flowing honey Slide inside my dripping flower […]

Tracing Whispers

my fingertips trace the curves of my flesh once again I crave you wishing they were your hands not mine that your body was pressed against my own my flowing swells and dips matching, moving perfectly in sync with yours fitting perfectly that you were here to love on me your lips tracing whispers along […]

All My Senses Are Filled

I’m consistently constantly swept away in feeling your body crawling, moving across mine lying on my back, arms above my head your hand running up my soft skin all the way up up up lacing your fingers in mine in seeing your dark and shining eyes reflecting the light of a flickering candle hunger and […]

Peeled Layers

there are layers to my heart and how easily you peeled them all away though I’d spent years perfecting my deflection I wrapped my arms around myself but your hands gently took my wrists as our eyes collided with sparks and swirling flames when your finger touched my lip it was my tongue that stretched […]