Memories in Withdrawal

When they placed him in my arms, he weighed nothing at all I didn’t even know how to hold him The moment I looked into his face, I felt something burst and bloom in my heart Something I had never felt before and never have since Even today I feel the tug of his existence […]


Hey you I love you, okay? Please don’t ask me why because I rapidly swallow a hundred reasons from behind my teeth Sometimes when you can’t hear me I whisper your name followed closely by, don’t you know how much I love you?! Desperation coats my tongue the pit of my stomach feels heavy and […]

Feedback Loop

you are my smiles and my laughter you are my good days and my growth you are my person through and through I won’t deny it yet here I am alone because I’m not for you (though you are it for me) I am alone I have cried bitter tears I have burst with happiness […]


Look how beautiful Ruby rivers running up my arms Pain in reverse Scarlet ribbons gaining speed Mixing with smeared ash If I concentrate hard enough I can pull it back inside Let it burn through my veins Coating me inside Memories boil Mind games and Lovingly licked harsh realities You did it to yourself You’ve […]


I am fucking low I’d say don’t give up on me But We all know I want you to Once he said “If you say that enough One of these days I’m going to leave” It was no surprise when he did Nowadays I’m alone More alone than I want to be On some days […]


wishful thinking and many hours of longing do little to change my condition still I lay here alone still you’re not mine to have still you’re thousands of miles away still my arms lie empty still my lips burn with desire still the tears flow always down still my heart lives with you and I […]

Slip Of The Tongue

digging my fingers in my heart torn right out my throat I attempted to staunch the bleeding which poured from my lips my hands pressed tightly the words flooding out tumbling retching vomiting you stepped back wiping the toe of your dress shoe off on the back of your pant leg your face a look […]

Denied A Simpler Fate

dipping her toe first in the deep pool of black on black ink, she shed her robe stood momentarily shivering in the cool forest air, bright moonlight dappled across pale, pale skin and long tan curls before closing her tear-filled eyes spreading her arms wide, she fell forward and released her last grasp in this […]

Change of Seasons

My heart is filled with autumn Breezes teasing my hair loose From beneath my wool hat A river dried up left a winding trail For which my feet to travel Crisp air invading my lungs Honking vees moving overhead Crunchy leaves beneath my boots Aging flora whispers of the nights to come And I’m transported […]