He’s water to her soul Perhaps she’s become Dry, desiccated, wilted but His love is changing all that There’s life returning to veins closed up Unused roots swelling Energetic synergy of twinned loves Liquid pulsing Dew drops of his love rain down upon her Gently rest upon her petals She’s absorbing him Slowly opening herself […]

Coming 01 December…

Recently my friend and fellow writer, Spiral Artist, inspired something in me. He wrote a poem the other day that used my blog title “Raw Earth Ink” as a ‘prompt’ of sorts. This got me thinking… Thanksgiving, a time we set aside to give thanks for what we have, has just passed while Christmas, a […]

A Heavy Metal Love Story

During the yearly music festival, it can get wild out here. Especially during the guitar-screaming, bass-pounding, throat-numbing heavy metal days… or should I say nights? Everywhere you look there’s leather and jeans, long hair and tits. Boots and beer. Inked flesh and pierced skin. This year was no exception and was turning out to be […]

Dreams Eternal

Dreams only dreams Carry me away Become my realities If I sleep and you don’t Or you sleep while I wake Is one better than the other? I dream vivid dreams Waking dreams Dreams eternal I dream for both of us Living dreams Dreams for sharing I dream of you and me Lovely dreams Dreams […]

Ol’ Moe – A Short Story Collaboration

Working with Nitin at Fighting the dying light was quite the trip. He zigged, I zagged, and somehow Moe’s tragic tale was woven. Hang on to your hats…. Every day was much the same. Day in, day out. He sat upon his doorstep, his thin, deeply tanned naked arms resting on his knobby knees. Knees […]

Just Perhaps

Maybe you’re right Maybe I am scared Maybe I’m afraid to be happy Maybe I hide behind these lines Maybe I can’t see any other way Maybe I should learn to be brave Maybe I should get on that plane Maybe I should meet you for lunch Maybe Just maybe Maybe I can see possibilities […]

To Leap and Fly

Eagles are wheeling and turning Circling just off the cliff’s edge An occasional screech and On they continue A pair or seagulls harasses one And the raptor relents flies off We think of those birds as superior When the littler ones seem to win Every time Oh to have those wings To fly, cool breeze […]

Night Owl

There’s an owl that lives on my property and he’s out there hoo-hoot-hooing all night long and I wish that for a night or two I could become an owl myself and sit in higher branches than he and see exactly what he sees. I wonder if his beautifully haunting call strikes terror in the […]