Mistress Moon

lying here upon my bed in my ear, a whisper a rustle at my feet what’s this? a call, a beckon rising, I cast about there, again throwing open my door she’s standing there her face full upon me I’ve seen her many nights previous at times her face half-hidden her hair is adorned with […]


outside the ice is creeping up the windows while the auroras seem to be flowing ever closer to the treetops my sigh a puff of air turns into a small white cloud which instantly crystallizes and floats away specks of glitter reflecting the sliver of moon and the dancing lights I sigh again but I […]

A Future (Im)possible

As I stand here gazing out my window at the evening sky, clouds burning red, mountains a rosey pink, trees and fields fading in the night, stars winking into existence, landscape disappearing, making way for the dancing auroras and the moon partially clothed in her full splendor, my mind drifts. I wonder at possibilities. Could […]

The Heart Thief

I called out to the moon late one night “Here, keep my heart for safe keeping It’s been hurt so many times before and I give it away far too easily Please protect it from those it is looking for” She smiled and reached down And with her beams of kindness She gently carried it […]

Nights Long Gone

With my face pressed to the frosted pane I stare out at the bright pinpoint stars The inky black sky a perfect backdrop Slowly they make their way across my view I watch yet my thoughts are far away To nights long gone but not forgotten Nights when you loved me and held me When […]