As he tastes my skin Early in the morning I wonder what it is he finds Upon his wandering tongue Is it the spice of passion? The bitterness of loneliness? Or the sticky sweet honey of love? Am I cinnamon and clove? Earth after it has rained? Salty tears of heartache? I imagine I’m not […]

Memories in Withdrawal

When they placed him in my arms, he weighed nothing at all I didn’t even know how to hold him The moment I looked into his face, I felt something burst and bloom in my heart Something I had never felt before and never have since Even today I feel the tug of his existence […]


I miss you my friend You always seemed to see All the best parts of me And when I was down, you lifted me up You heard me when I spoke You listened to the unspoken words The layers I kept underneath And although you never said so You made me feel beautiful You told […]

Lost and Found – A Short Story

Lotus walks along a wooded glade searching ever for something, something she knows not what but something she is sure she has lost long ago. Her feet step lightly as she passes through deeper still within the pine-scented forest, the light fading slightly. Occasionally she catches the glimpses of movement out the corner of one […]

Stinging Barbs

Dark arrows to my heart Cradled crimson lines of love Caught unaware Eyes wide open Unable to remove the stinging barbs Lies made truth My coveted future distant Inexplicably unattainable Reality, the bitter pill Always sits on my bedside table Stop crying, you little shit Post-traumatic overly dramatic Peering deeper unnecessarily Blanket of loneliness Pulled […]

Constant Flow

thoughts of you constantly flow through my mind I gaze, sighing, out the window of time-past memories of your bare skin, trembling beneath my fingertips of your smile, enticing resting upon me of your eyes, lingering hungry and kind yet predatory of your arms, alluring strong and wrapped around me tears of loneliness constantly flow […]


like a match lit our passionate desire ignited in a sudden burst of color your bright laughter as I nipped your shoulder and heat your tongue melting my thighs and the acrid smell of burning flesh as we crushed and sought to overwhelm the other well just as rapidly –poof– a quick breath and I […]


I love him Though I shouldn’t I love him Though he wonders why I love him Though he doesn’t return it I love him Though we are far apart I love him Though it doesn’t make sense I love him Though it breaks my heart I love him Though he holds another I love him […]


he swept me along in his waves tossed, rolled over, pulled under bobbing up again I lost track of who he was, who I had been and so carried away became I that when he beached me upon his shore I was no longer anything but a salty shell crusted with barnacles and seaweed a […]