Crow On The Wire

This morning I saw a crow on the wire and when I called out to him, he seemed to look right into my soul. I wonder what he saw there? Perhaps he saw love lost and found and lost again? Maybe some pitiful woman desperately hoping to be someone important to you? Because really, if […]


go on, lay your lips upon my thighs suckle there you will find yourself come alive there in my valley drink down my rivers of life gushing in torrents lap me with that soft and thick tongue my fingers will plow furrows in your hair while my land quakes and shudders curl your tongue taste […]


dark empty spaces cold and alone ancient radio waves and static time is meaningless out amongst the stars moving, drawn forward or is it backward a satellite, a comet orbiting far and wide but always drawn to you I keep my face ever towards you shine on me the only good thing I have smallest […]

Tracing Whispers

my fingertips trace the curves of my flesh once again I crave you wishing they were your hands not mine that your body was pressed against my own my flowing swells and dips matching, moving perfectly in sync with yours fitting perfectly that you were here to love on me your lips tracing whispers along […]

Open Book

How easily your fingers flipped through my pages, running gently along my edges, turning me over and over, highlighting all my best parts You read me like the open book I’d made myself, saw between the spaces, beneath the ink, down to who I really am, who I could be I am spread out completely […]