Sumptuous Lips

when I gaze at her soft lips I desire nothing more than to feel them between my teeth followed by my tongue sliding slowly and meticulously along one and then the other I want to savor the twisting dance of her tongue and mine pressing and slithering together I want to suck on it taste […]


her beautiful smile draws me in like no other all I can imagine are those soft wine red lips cursing crashing crushing my own her tongue licking mine my teeth biting hers becoming delicate and tender turning rough and brash and dirty I picture my lips trailing kisses down her throat between her pale full […]

Whispers and Kisses

Upon waking this morn My mind was filled with thoughts of you Memories of your voice Your face floating before my eyes Oh how I love your smile I’m drawn in and back to dreaming Our lips touching First gentle becoming rough Hungry My tongue licking your lip Sucking on it Kissing the corners of […]


She lay upon her bed, curled up, slowing unfurling like the petals of the lotus rising from the muddy waters of all the past hurts and sins His love in contrast was the sun’s rays kissing her edges, inviting her to open herself fully to him Dirty, sinful drops slipping harmlessly away, not a trace […]

Own Me

Kiss me Caress me Stroke me Squeeze me Taste me Lick me Touch me Bite me Mark me Tease me Pinch me Flick me Engulf me Indulge me Spank me Tie me Eat me Teach me Bruise me Punish me Reward me Ravage me Own me Hold me Love me