Your lips trailing down my throat As I sit straddling your lap My hair everywhere all around us Your hand gathers it Pulls gently Exposing my flesh before you The sounds you make Sucking and lapping at my neck Biting and marking me We’ve neither of us a stitch of clothing Just flushed skin upon […]

Sumptuous Lips

when I gaze at her soft lips I desire nothing more than to feel them between my teeth followed by my tongue sliding slowly and meticulously along one and then the other I want to savor the twisting dance of her tongue and mine pressing and slithering together I want to suck on it taste […]


her beautiful smile draws me in like no other all I can imagine are those soft wine red lips cursing crashing crushing my own her tongue licking mine my teeth biting hers becoming delicate and tender turning rough and brash and dirty I picture my lips trailing kisses down her throat between her pale full […]

Whispers and Kisses

Upon waking this morn My mind was filled with thoughts of you Memories of your voice Your face floating before my eyes Oh how I love your smile I’m drawn in and back to dreaming Our lips touching First gentle becoming rough Hungry My tongue licking your lip Sucking on it Kissing the corners of […]

On Dry Land

lie beside me for you hold my head above the water I was drowning slipping under the boulder of past failings and betrayal tied to my ankles weighed me down then you came dove beneath the waves though I’d given up hope you cut the ropes that bound me raised me up again my first […]


resting my tongue along the cords of your throat I can taste your heartbeats they are intoxicating and whisper with tears listening with my lips peering into your heart my ears can easily see those sighs and groanings words better left between your teeth I’ll devour them anyway nipping and sucking them out one by […]

He Never

When he kissed me It was with the passion of a man starving So hungry he devoured me whole Sucking on my tongue Biting my lip Panting and growls rolling out One hand gripping my hair There at my neck The other squeezing my arm Then my breast Then my stomach Then my thigh As […]

Write Me Poetry

My soft pale flesh quivers Thoughts of your wicked tongue Lay waste to me I’m spread out bare for you Sighs and whimpers Ohhh my skin longs, weeps Love courses down my inner thigh I’m burning for you Come pen sonnets across my belly Poetry along my throat Prose upon my spine Punctuation of moans […]