Would You?

would you cherish my beating soul? would you cherish my artist’s hand? you’re everything to me would you watch me finger myself? would you watch me shake and dance? I’m filled with visions of us would you taste my so-soft lips? would you taste my heady love? you’re more than I could hope for would […]

The Woman in the Mirror

“Tomorrow,” she thought to herself. “Tomorrow is a new day.” She turned and viewed her backside in the mirror again. Definitely her best side. Turning forward again, she lifted her breasts where a woman twenty-five years her junior would have them. Too big, too saggy. Her eyes lifted to her face, the creases of time […]


Her heart is a cathedral. Bright stain-glassed windows, each a story to tell. So her own story is mapped out in ink across her breast. The entrance, tall imposing doors, not easily opened with gargoyles guarding each side, lips raised in stark, snarling warning. Beware. Yet, if you simply step past them, you’d find they […]

He Makes Me Beautiful

When he lays me back Strips all my clothes away Stares with desire I feel beautiful When his lips and teeth Devour all my dips and curves Peaks and valleys I feel beautiful When his fingertips Trace my lines My scars, my stories I feel beautiful When he tenderly Brushes my hair aside Exposing my […]

Painted Mirage

could I ever be the one for you? perhaps I need to slice off my face sew hers there whip stitches binding always the mask of a smile never any tears perhaps I should cut off my breasts find a pair that are shaped perfectly and are the exact same size a matching set perhaps […]


Her eyes shine blue, but grey in storm Movements of a dancer Curves, ebbing, flowing, crashing together Ocean waves as flesh Sweet flowing nectar, giving life Ruby jewels parting, shining, enticing Perfect blinding distractions There’s a deeper truth, always going deeper Seeing right through to Leviathan just beneath the surface Eddies swirl A flash of […]

Write Me Words

Write me words: Beautiful words. Write them from your heart on mine. Composing. Signing. Inking… Trace me. Sing me a song: A beautiful song. My body your instrument. Strumming. Stroking. Throbbing… Play me. Draw on my skin: My beautiful skin. Using your teeth and nails. Biting. Scratching. Bruising… Mark me. Eat of my fruit: My […]

Unassuming, She

If you saw her walking down the street, you wouldn’t give her a second glance or maybe, possibly, you’d swerve to go around her, taking care to put as much distance between you both. You don’t know her. She’s nothing to look at except for the tattoos and the cleavage. Her hair is long and […]

Glacier Fed

Every day I read the words you write. I can see what’s underneath the tattered pages and blotted ink. There are such deep layers to you. You are a glacier. Deep cracks and crevices, some dangerous, some divine, all beautiful. They allow one to focus deep into the essence of you, if one dares risk […]