Lonely Roads

Hot tears roll down Hollow cheeks What we had is gone Long gone For a time we walked Hand within hand When I stumbled You held me up When I felt I could not go on You paused and waited Then gently lifted and Carried me in your arms Yet somewhere along the way Something […]


The more I know of you the more I want. Your words stir up embers of passion they ignite my imagination. My soul longs to be with yours. This distance is so far. But what is distance to love? Still my heart strings are held within your trembling grasp. I can’t ignore this I don’t […]


Can you help me fly away Leave behind all my pasts My sins and my transgressions Start over from this point on Not looking back Please don’t ask any questions Just hold me Cover me with your wings Possess me Devour me Engulf me Absorb me That you and I would intermingle Becoming one My […]

Fractured Healing

He stood at the window of his cabin his back to her Lost in his own thoughts Tortured by his own dark demons Memories flooded his vision Unbidden Unwanted Unforgotten He stared into the inky blackness beyond the pane A clear sky and moonless night Stars flung from one side of his vision to the […]

Dueling Heartbeats

From far away you’re perfect for me My soul for yours and yours for mine Though the miles separate us We’ve dueling heartbeats Entwined completely Oh that I had wings, my love! I would come to you Rap upon your window Lift me gently Hold me in the palm of your hand I’ll rest there […]

Lonely Shift

Not long ago, something shifted within me. The desire to write continually floods my soul, my fingers tingle with need. But…. the words I want to say, they seem to fall on deaf ears. Everything I write is shit. I start, stop, start again. Papers crumpled on the floor. It’s not for lack of trying. […]

Magic Spell

Desperately she casts her spell, weaving an earthy feminine magic filled with the fire of desire and the icy fingers of jealousy mixed with the breathy moans of passion, that she may place her hold over him so that he may never walk away unscathed. Never hold another again without her before his eyes. Where […]