outside the ice is creeping up the windows while the auroras seem to be flowing ever closer to the treetops my sigh a puff of air turns into a small white cloud which instantly crystallizes and floats away specks of glitter reflecting the sliver of moon and the dancing lights I sigh again but I […]


Wheezing and sighing, he climbed upwards, ever upwards. The thick bough between his hands branched, branched, branched again, growing thinner as it did. Occasionally he took a wrong turn, came to the end and just wasn’t high enough. He felt it, knew it. Back he turned, following his trail back down through the canopy until […]

Time Lapse

We lay here Legs as entwined as our hearts My head rests upon your chest Fingers tracing along your skin lazily Your arm wrapped around me Stroking my back My hair a shroud about us You kiss the top of my head We talk about nothing About everything Sometimes we sit in silence Left to […]

Liquid Light

pushing my face beneath the shower head may this warm water wash away all my tears and doubts and regrets and worries and longings they reside there within my soul cascading down my cheeks and throat across my breasts and stomach over my thighs and knees and straight down the drain could it be possible? […]

Lonely Roads

Hot tears roll down Hollow cheeks What we had is gone Long gone For a time we walked Hand within hand When I stumbled You held me up When I felt I could not go on You paused and waited Then gently lifted and Carried me in your arms Yet somewhere along the way Something […]


The more I know of you the more I want. Your words stir up embers of passion they ignite my imagination. My soul longs to be with yours. This distance is so far. But what is distance to love? Still my heart strings are held within your trembling grasp. I can’t ignore this I don’t […]


Can you help me fly away Leave behind all my pasts My sins and my transgressions Start over from this point on Not looking back Please don’t ask any questions Just hold me Cover me with your wings Possess me Devour me Engulf me Absorb me That you and I would intermingle Becoming one My […]

On Dry Land

lie beside me for you hold my head above the water I was drowning slipping under the boulder of past failings and betrayal tied to my ankles weighed me down then you came dove beneath the waves though I’d given up hope you cut the ropes that bound me raised me up again my first […]