Owning It Outright

when your hand and mine met for the first time fingers intertwining sparks and tingles ran up my arm I had never felt anything so real so alive so electrifying have we met before? you answered by pressing your lips to mine and suddenly there were more than pinpricks of light behind my eyelids I […]

Time Lapse

We lay here Legs as entwined as our hearts My head rests upon your chest Fingers tracing along your skin lazily Your arm wrapped around me Stroking my back My hair a shroud about us You kiss the top of my head We talk about nothing About everything Sometimes we sit in silence Left to […]

Never Be

“I’m no good for you. Please, just let me go,” she whispered through trembling lips. “I’m not who you think I am and we can never be more than this.” “But what if this,” he cried, “Is just what we need? For you’re my Now. And my Forever.” “It can never be.” So closing her […]


She runs through the grass and the trees. Moss clings to her feet, the dew damp upon her skin. With ease, she dodges the branches and twigs which stretch out to snag her long flowing hair. She skips deftly over roots and rocks, with barely a thought to her body’s motions. Her feet splash through […]


examining her pretty blues I saw the traces of bite marks along her eyelids each red mark filled with dried tears and the echoes of heartache laying my tongue along each divot I tasted the memories of neglect and self-loathing the lies and the deceit and the abuse I tasted turmoil and lost hope oh […]

Rushing In

I’m everything that’s wrong for you and you’re everything that’s right for me you came rushing in overcoming the lesser darker parts of me you covered my toes my ankles my shins and knees you flowed between my legs and caressed my hips my shoulders dip beneath my last breath as my head goes under […]