Tonight I’m staring at your face Committing to memory what’s already memorized Seconds become minutes become an hour Still I gaze My fingers stretch out and trace all your curves I am lost in thoughts and dreams and all the emotions that come with us I want you You fill all the empty parts of […]


my search ended the moment I first read your name there before me in black and white I stopped dead in my tracks eyes wide jaw slack the first time you spoke my name my heart stilled paused in silence became whole (though I wasn’t aware I had been missing you) I wanted you then […]


Laying on the grass, hand in hand Together staring into the wide blue A breeze slips across our skin The longer we gaze up and up and up Deep blue calls out to deeper blue It’s almost as if we are floating Weightless, tiny but always together She sighs and I look over at her […]

Time Lapse

We lay here Legs as entwined as our hearts My head rests upon your chest Fingers tracing along your skin lazily Your arm wrapped around me Stroking my back My hair a shroud about us You kiss the top of my head We talk about nothing About everything Sometimes we sit in silence Left to […]

Love’s Anchor

when I look at you and you look at me it’s like I am made whole and complete and my heart soars with the strong wings of love and there’s a fire ignited within my very soul that can’t easily be extinguished and my body burns at your every touch and my spirit has found […]

On Dry Land

lie beside me for you hold my head above the water I was drowning slipping under the boulder of past failings and betrayal tied to my ankles weighed me down then you came dove beneath the waves though I’d given up hope you cut the ropes that bound me raised me up again my first […]

In Your Arms

Can I lie here in your arms No words need spoken Just to be with you Just to be With you My only thought is you Here in your arms tonight Everything else fades Just fades away To grey Can I wrap myself in you My fingers dance along your jaw Your beard, your throat […]

From Morning to Night – Collaboration

The cold early morning breeze penetrating the thick blazer and piercing my chest, Another long day ahead of me. First thing this morning, I’m listening to his voice On my iPod, a recording of him reciting poetry, While I’m walking sidewalks, dodging elbows. A lonely drive through an overcrowded highway, A feeling of isolation even […]

Pirouette – A Collaboration

I’m spinning and whirling She’s grinning, and twirling My laughter contagious Her caphtor, salacious I twist and twirl until I fall She fists young cowgirl Crazy in love Sounds above Right down onto the green grass Left upwards into the seen path Tears are pouring down Fears aren’t forming now I don’t care She really […]

Don’t Blink

He has beautiful eyes The most entrancing eyes Becoming lost Oh I find myself staring Diving Swimming Floundering A whirlpool Spinning me around Waves cover my face I forget to breathe I willingly drown He’s my oxygen now tara caribou | ©️2018