And Now I’m Grounded

I miss your fingers tracing my ribs soft curves and divots a keyboard that released different pitches of sensation and your hand as it played up and down my spine gentle at first then added pressures and sighs I was transported high into the heavens my head a swirling galaxy of thought and emotion I […]

Collision Course

chaos reigned my mind untamed searching seeking watching waiting dark patches of cold millennia between eye blinks tear ducts frozen open exhale puff ice crystals float quiet deep long quiet alone longing wanting more my heart in stillness but disquiet a blue light appeared a pinprick really far, far away coming closer? I waited his […]


dark empty spaces cold and alone ancient radio waves and static time is meaningless out amongst the stars moving, drawn forward or is it backward a satellite, a comet orbiting far and wide but always drawn to you I keep my face ever towards you shine on me the only good thing I have smallest […]

Collision of Souls

colliding you and I created a whole new universe your mouth fit perfectly over mine and starlight was not able to escape our tongues curled and slid along one another while planets and asteroids formed wrapping your hand around my wrists caused the tectonic shift of continents but dipping just there within my swollen cavern […]


your eyes shine like the moon and the stars as I’m pushed against the wall and your fingers are burying deep inside and gasping cries are licked off my lips when you pull back to look at me my hand snakes behind your neck and I pull you in again my tongue along your teeth […]

Galactic Shift

my heart shifted from ordinary to extraordinary when you spoke to me that first time I flew from treetop to mountaintop from mountaintop to troposphere I swam on the surface and dove deep beneath from bright blue to deep black then I rose above the clouds to drift amongst the stars the deeper I go […]