Tonight I’m staring at your face Committing to memory what’s already memorized Seconds become minutes become an hour Still I gaze My fingers stretch out and trace all your curves I am lost in thoughts and dreams and all the emotions that come with us I want you You fill all the empty parts of […]


what hurts is I am nothing but a piece of clay filling a void I’m not the missing piece just a piece of muddy clay and when the hole doesn’t feel so empty you cast me aside until you need a substitute again I’m not sure why I do this to myself why I allow […]


I’m dry and I’m wet Memories of your tongue on my flesh Burning trails You licked your name off my lips While I etched mine on your thighs Using my teeth and my tongue I’m a raging inferno Flames tasting my flesh Or is it you? I’m a gushing river Torrential flow across my lips […]

Winter’s Fire

my flames of passion burn bright for you my love in the morning all I see is cold flesh and slanted eyes your tears are crystals of ice but my tongue is fire wrapping my arms around you desire licking ice from off your skin look into my eyes feel the heat of my ravenous […]


like a match lit our passionate desire ignited in a sudden burst of color your bright laughter as I nipped your shoulder and heat your tongue melting my thighs and the acrid smell of burning flesh as we crushed and sought to overwhelm the other well just as rapidly –poof– a quick breath and I […]