Vitamin T

hey there my lover gently roll me over spread my thick thighs wide open for your touch see how I flower before you my petals unfolding sweet honeydew drops never tasted so lovely drink of me deeply healing elixir of life a cure and a balm slippery tongue supping once a day for good health […]

Softly Spoken Moments

Waking up in the middle of the night Climbing on top of him Neither of us fully awake I ride him, hitting all those perfect places Letting myself flow over him Run down his hard length All I want is to feel his release That small space of time in shared bliss And then I […]


her beautiful smile draws me in like no other all I can imagine are those soft wine red lips cursing crashing crushing my own her tongue licking mine my teeth biting hers becoming delicate and tender turning rough and brash and dirty I picture my lips trailing kisses down her throat between her pale full […]

When We Talk

When we talk my thighs quiver my breath hitches my lids flutter Behind them I can see us moving together my hands become your hands your fingers trace my shape from my earlobe down my throat over my shoulder circling my breast and then my nipple flick, pinch down my ribs, the swell of my […]

May Sleep Come

I know you can’t sleep my Lover So let me care for you, body and soul May sleep possess your tired thoughts As my lips trail down your throat May rest overtake you While my hands move down your chest May sleep claim your mind As my thighs straddle yours May rest seek you out […]

Down the Eaves

curled up on the porch my cheek resting upon my tear-soaked hands the rain pounding down the roof and yet all I can think about is the sound of your voice caressing me and how I long to feel your body pressed against my skin and your fingers threading in my hair as our lips […]

‘Neath The Stars – Collaboration

Sulaiman Hafeez and I… well, we are both romantics at heart, full of love’s passion. I enjoy reading his snippets of life, peppered with bits of spicy and the mundane. Much like our own lives, eh? I hope you enjoy! That piercing look from the adjacent corner of the room, Wanting you to notice me. […]