go on, lay your lips upon my thighs suckle there you will find yourself come alive there in my valley drink down my rivers of life gushing in torrents lap me with that soft and thick tongue my fingers will plow furrows in your hair while my land quakes and shudders curl your tongue taste […]

Longhead Rushes – Collaboration

when we fell, ran raging through flame-thrown fields together, tethered hand in humbled hand heads bright and buried in blissful blooms of softest sands it didn’t matter, the grating clatter of hell’s hordes crippled chase pitchfork hands branded coward’s crosses held, belt high all lasting love, that made grave difference was truth in me with […]

Collision of Souls

colliding you and I created a whole new universe your mouth fit perfectly over mine and starlight was not able to escape our tongues curled and slid along one another while planets and asteroids formed wrapping your hand around my wrists caused the tectonic shift of continents but dipping just there within my swollen cavern […]


your eyes shine like the moon and the stars as I’m pushed against the wall and your fingers are burying deep inside and gasping cries are licked off my lips when you pull back to look at me my hand snakes behind your neck and I pull you in again my tongue along your teeth […]