Walking With Scars

with your hand around my throat and my eyes fading grey edges burning in and taking over colors mute and for a split second all becomes clear you pour out all your wrath and vehemence on my broken body the cracks and fractures and crushed windpipe physical evidence of your emotional maelstrom spit and tobacco […]

Cracked Lens View

it never was easy to catch my breath through the thunderstorm of fists raining down some imperfection to be beat out of me the wrong look not quick enough with an answer a misplaced step or I closed the door to the bathroom again flinching and dodging never helped either yet I always did both […]

Wandering Silence

this hurts because suddenly in a moment of clarity I realized that while you are my person… the perfect match for me the only one I want for the rest of my days the one who fulfills and completes me the one who lifts me up and helps me step outside myself the one who […]

The Stories In Between

words left unsaid promises broken attempting to fill in the blanks late nights unexplained the stories in between half-truths and omissions partially erased lies innuendos for imaginations lipstick stains foreign cologne dropping the “i” in love famous distancing language crossed arms and face turned away ringless by the left hand narrowed eyes reflect sour lips […]

Never Be

“I’m no good for you. Please, just let me go,” she whispered through trembling lips. “I’m not who you think I am and we can never be more than this.” “But what if this,” he cried, “Is just what we need? For you’re my Now. And my Forever.” “It can never be.” So closing her […]