Little mouse quakes and shivers Little mouse twitches her whiskers Little mouse watches from the dark corner under the coffee table Her heart stirs Her heart goes pitter-patter Her heart nearly bursts within her breast She sees what she wants She sees the path clearly She sees the most delectable morsel Little mouse peers about […]

Unassured (Portraits pt. 1)

When you’ve found the perfect love, you’ll sacrifice everything for him. A small mousy woman, she has little hope of finding love. Always a wallflower overlooked by any and all, she fades from memory as quickly as eyes pass over her. She’s a lonely young woman who is surprised and honored the day he walks […]

Ice and OCD

The ice is building on my windows… yes, on the INSIDE of my windows. Doesn’t matter that it’s warm inside. It’s colder outside. But I’m looking at it. Staring into the beauty of ice. Looking out the window to the moon and the twinkling stars, thousands upon thousands of them. If only I could count […]

Walking With Scars

with your hand around my throat and my eyes fading grey edges burning in and taking over colors mute and for a split second all becomes clear you pour out all your wrath and vehemence on my broken body the cracks and fractures and crushed windpipe physical evidence of your emotional maelstrom spit and tobacco […]

Loose This Beast

you draw me like the sea you clear my eyes my heart you ignite the fire of passion inside me like I have never felt I don’t want you I need you to take you to brand you as my own with the fire that is my love for you a beast you have awakened […]

System Failure

I’d like to replace my heart the latest model available using dials and numbers cogs and wires a cold calculating machine unable to penetrate the reality of me >input received: you’re sweet 1000110101 <false> ::reroute, continue course of action:: >internal diagnostic: worthless piece of shit 1001111001 <true> ::rewrite, rewire, reboot:: >input received: be someone else […]

Magic Spell

Desperately she casts her spell, weaving an earthy feminine magic filled with the fire of desire and the icy fingers of jealousy mixed with the breathy moans of passion, that she may place her hold over him so that he may never walk away unscathed. Never hold another again without her before his eyes. Where […]

Ol’ Moe – A Short Story Collaboration

Working with Nitin at Fighting the dying light was quite the trip. He zigged, I zagged, and somehow Moe’s tragic tale was woven. Hang on to your hats…. Every day was much the same. Day in, day out. He sat upon his doorstep, his thin, deeply tanned naked arms resting on his knobby knees. Knees […]