Not All Who Wander Are Lost

slipping the leash running fast with one quick glance over her shoulder there’s love and comfort there but wild darkness just through the trees pathless trails swallow her whole she begins to forget branches tear at her hair she early on lost her cloak when the clouds burst open there was no surprise in her […]

Queen of the Drowned

you don’t need to kick the broken dog when she’s already laying there mangled in her own vomit entrails bulging out and staring glassy eyes you don’t need to point out that she’s ugly and worthless and nobody will want her now no she already knows she can’t run she knows you’ve moved on so […]

Spiral Artist

I was flying amongst the clouds Floating and one with the salty sea air The breezes ruffling my feathers The sun upon my wings and my beak Turning my head First one eye then the other I spied from high above the oceans swells Something spreading Across the waters surface It was black and shiny […]

Wandering Silence

this hurts because suddenly in a moment of clarity I realized that while you are my person… the perfect match for me the only one I want for the rest of my days the one who fulfills and completes me the one who lifts me up and helps me step outside myself the one who […]

The Stories In Between

words left unsaid promises broken attempting to fill in the blanks late nights unexplained the stories in between half-truths and omissions partially erased lies innuendos for imaginations lipstick stains foreign cologne dropping the “i” in love famous distancing language crossed arms and face turned away ringless by the left hand narrowed eyes reflect sour lips […]