Liquid Lover

Her love crashed against the sands of his shore Pulling away to rise up and cover him again Yet he remained steadfast Able to contain her wild passions, her changing moods Shifting when he needed to, giving a little But always holding her Letting her be herself Sometimes she raged and stormed Others she was […]


he swept me along in his waves tossed, rolled over, pulled under bobbing up again I lost track of who he was, who I had been and so carried away became I that when he beached me upon his shore I was no longer anything but a salty shell crusted with barnacles and seaweed a […]

Dreams Eternal

Dreams only dreams Carry me away Become my realities If I sleep and you don’t Or you sleep while I wake Is one better than the other? I dream vivid dreams Waking dreams Dreams eternal I dream for both of us Living dreams Dreams for sharing I dream of you and me Lovely dreams Dreams […]

Cotton Candy Dreams – Collaboration

laying my head upon the sand I absorb my surroundings eyes closed the salty breeze dancing over my skin gulls wheel and cry, waves caress the shore curling over, rolling under, churning then pulling away the motion rocks me to my core, soothes me, romances me opening my eyes I look up at the heavens […]