Ashes to Mud

Using ashes, mixed with tears, I smear mud across my skin Over my breasts and down my ribs Handfuls caked In my hair, over my eyes Down my legs and past my thighs May these ashes, these tears, Cleanse me, renew me See, I’m dirty, filthy, disgusting How I let him take the best part […]


It doesn’t matter What I say You don’t hear me I open my mouth My heart pours forth My vision speaks volumes I see deeper Beneath the layers You You couldn’t care less What I say means nothing I breathe out words You swallow and look away Your eyes are roving You look without seeing […]


like a match lit our passionate desire ignited in a sudden burst of color your bright laughter as I nipped your shoulder and heat your tongue melting my thighs and the acrid smell of burning flesh as we crushed and sought to overwhelm the other well just as rapidly –poof– a quick breath and I […]


he swept me along in his waves tossed, rolled over, pulled under bobbing up again I lost track of who he was, who I had been and so carried away became I that when he beached me upon his shore I was no longer anything but a salty shell crusted with barnacles and seaweed a […]

Alone Again

Sighs and whimpers My head hurts So does my heart The headache is new But the heartache isn’t I wish I was brave I wish I could tell you Just what you mean to me Yes I wish I could be enough I wish you would see me For who I am, all of me […]


I’m lonely and I miss you and it’s ridiculous because you’re not mine to miss Yet even still there are Ghosts of your lips upon my wrists Shadows of your teeth grazing my thigh Echoes of your voice in my ear How we climbed our peaks, shouts reverberating across my hills as you plowed my […]

Ash Investigation

There are 247 types of cigarette ash and he knew them all. So when I pointed to the considerable pile with joyful exclamations, knowing he would instantly unravel the mystery before us using this one vital clue, I was then understandably quite disappointed when he waved me off, muttering, as was his habit, about worthless […]

Lament of the Betrayer

pain deep within all I lost memories rain down I’m drowning give me just one more chance let me tell you again I’m sorry I’m so fucking sorry everything I said everything I didn’t this love is deep there was this place you slept in my heart and now you’re gone and it’s my fault […]

Time Travels

Let’s move back in time a bit Back to when you and I Me and you We were one A whole not apart Our hearts woven together Thoughts as one Differences insignificant Our bodies crashing United Joined Our hands interlaced Souls spun and braided Let’s move to our impotent now A space created Interrupted Distance […]