Purchase my books directly from me if you’d like a signed copy. Let me know who to make it out to and be sure to include a good shipping address through the USPS. $3 shipping has been added to the retail price. If you want more than one copy please email me at raw.earth.ink@gmail.com and we can arrange shipping/payment. If you don’t want a signed copy, please visit lulu.com/spotlight/taracaribou to order directly from my distributor. Unfortunately shipping is too expensive for me personally to ship out of the US, but lulu is very reasonable with their international shipping rates.

Book – Fallen Star Rising

a 240-page poetry book about loneliness, love, passion, and loss (signed copy, please note who you would like it signed to or the buyer’s name will be used)


Book – Static Dreams Volume 1

an anthology of nine dark short stories written by various authors (unsigned, unless specifically requested)


As books are published they will be added to this page.

**not listed: Static Dreams: A Dark Anthology from Twisted Minds volume 2

**coming in May: The Year that Stole the Light Away by Brandon White

**coming in May: The Poets Symphony (an anthology of musical poetry and art)

**coming in June: Confusion Perfume by emje mccarty

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