Spiral Artist

I was flying amongst the clouds Floating and one with the salty sea air The breezes ruffling my feathers The sun upon my wings and my beak Turning my head First one eye then the other I spied from high above the oceans swells Something spreading Across the waters surface It was black and shiny […]


go on, lay your lips upon my thighs suckle there you will find yourself come alive there in my valley drink down my rivers of life gushing in torrents lap me with that soft and thick tongue my fingers will plow furrows in your hair while my land quakes and shudders curl your tongue taste […]

Book Release

Hi friends, We Will Not Be Silenced, the anthology that I have a poem in, is available at Amazon for purchase. This collection is so relevant and I believe important because it gives voice to those who no longer have a voice. Amazon has it on sale today in paperback version or of course the […]

Owning It Outright

when your hand and mine met for the first time fingers intertwining sparks and tingles ran up my arm I had never felt anything so real so alive so electrifying have we met before? you answered by pressing your lips to mine and suddenly there were more than pinpricks of light behind my eyelids I […]

Wandering Silence

this hurts because suddenly in a moment of clarity I realized that while you are my person… the perfect match for me the only one I want for the rest of my days the one who fulfills and completes me the one who lifts me up and helps me step outside myself the one who […]