Trinket (meet me at the carnival pt 6)

Labyrinth of booths and tents and tables Haphazard at best, colors and flags everywhere Handwoven scarves and painted magnets Silk-screened logos on tie-dyed shirts Specialty soaps and hand-dipped candles The handicapped kid makes exquisite paintings “Cheapest rates if you switch to us” Jewelry, knives, wooden puzzles and hats, hats, hats “Best product out there, I’ve […]

Change of Seasons

My heart is filled with autumn Breezes teasing my hair loose From beneath my wool hat A river dried up left a winding trail For which my feet to travel Crisp air invading my lungs Honking vees moving overhead Crunchy leaves beneath my boots Aging flora whispers of the nights to come And I’m transported […]

All My Senses Are Filled

I’m consistently constantly swept away in feeling your body crawling, moving across mine lying on my back, arms above my head your hand running up my soft skin all the way up up up lacing your fingers in mine in seeing your dark and shining eyes reflecting the light of a flickering candle hunger and […]


you’re who I think about night after night and day by day I have visions of you here in my bed of your hands spread across me your lips dancing on mine our bodies moving together or my arm spanning your chest and my cheek upon your shoulder I can hear your intoxicating laughter in […]

Blue Eyes in the Rain

As I hurried ‘round the bend Of the wooded trail near my home I came upon her standing there In the pouring down rain Her face turned up Toward the clouded grey sky I stepped back into the shadows My eyes could scarce look away as She stood there absolutely naked Exposed Alone Vulnerable Her […]