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Remember Me?

Remember me? I’m the one who used to make you smile At the thought of me, your heart raced Your skin craved my touch The smell of me made you throb with need Hearing my voice had you sighing and moaning in the same… Continue Reading “Remember Me?”

PS: I Miss You

Remember those days and nights when we used to text each other every minute that we had? I do. When we shared every little stupid insignificant thing and it was mildly embarrassing but still I did it anyway. Telling you all the worst parts… Continue Reading “PS: I Miss You”

Like Always, You

I woke up in the middle of my night and like always my first waking thoughts are of you. Always you. I lay here for long drawn out moments and like always debate sending a message to you. Always you. I know that you’re… Continue Reading “Like Always, You”

Empty Bed

this morning I reached across the empty sheets and felt for you but you weren’t there you never are and still I automatically reach for you long lonely nights followed by cold hollow days I’m positive spending a whole day with you resting in… Continue Reading “Empty Bed”

Constant Visions

There are times when I imagine I hear a knock on the door I open it up and there he stands. The one who holds my heart. Somehow he’s reached the same decision I have he can’t live without me he’s flown across the… Continue Reading “Constant Visions”

Unspoken Words

I did exactly what I set out not to do I gave my heart to another What started as a chance meeting Turned into an easy conversation Which became texts and more texts Texts turned to phone calls We had a meeting of minds… Continue Reading “Unspoken Words”

Far Across The Waves

She gave her heart to another Only to find Her love was not enough for him To move beyond His comfort and safety She scarce could take it back again And so lives her days in sorrow Her eyes always longing To find his… Continue Reading “Far Across The Waves”


As I stand here gazing out at the bright moon’s full face, I wonder if, across the miles, you’re standing naked at your own window watching it too.

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