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Slow Little Deaths

A while ago but not so far back You used to write of your love for me I go back and read those sweet lyrics And wonder what became of that love Did it fade? Disappear? It’s been a long time (for me) Since… Continue Reading “Slow Little Deaths”

To Fly

Will you come and rescue me Swoop in Lift me with your strong wings Carry me away Cradle me Protect me Yes carry me far, far away To your distant home Cover me with your words Caress me with your brilliance Tear away my… Continue Reading “To Fly”

Missing You

I miss your body lying next to mine Your arm across me Holding me right where you want me I miss your knowing hands waking me With strokes and caresses divine Stoking the flames of my intense passion I miss your rough voice in… Continue Reading “Missing You”

Hot and Cold

Sometimes I don’t understand Us There are times when you are hot And then you’re cold I’ll hear from you every day And then a week passes You’ll respond to my art with enthusiasm And then nothing You push me to be more than… Continue Reading “Hot and Cold”

Let Me Dream

Could I lay my head here in your lap For just a while? Let me dream As your fingers pass through my hair I’ll imagine for just a few minutes That you are mine And I am yours That you love me Beyond reasoning… Continue Reading “Let Me Dream”


Gone are the days Sadly When each morning I was your waking thought Yet you’re still mine

Like You

Like you I walk this world alone Like you I tuck my true self away Like you I hide behind my words Like you I do the best I can Like you I battle daily demons Like you I smile when it rains Like… Continue Reading “Like You”

Hopeless Love

I think I fell in love with you It’s impossible It shouldn’t be Yet when I think of you My heart soars My lips smile My eyes close as I imagine What could be I know You’re not mine to have But I think… Continue Reading “Hopeless Love”

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