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Exaltation No. 1

wrapping the stars around my shouldersI hear you call my nameweeping, I turn awayfor even the mere thought ofyour countenance gazing at meI am weak, I am small your beauty, more than I can beholdyou snatched my breath awayI’m in a vacuumorbiting around youmy… Continue Reading “Exaltation No. 1”

Run and Hide

run, little girl, run run swiftly as fast as your feet can take you hide yourself away in a thicket, in the woods climb a tree, build a nest high, so high up or in the field, ‘neath the tall, tall grassburrow as a… Continue Reading “Run and Hide”

Silence Brings Calm

Keep your mouth shut, little bitch. Ain’t nothing you got to say that means nothing important. Get on your knees and scrub the floors clean, clean, ever clean. Every crack and crevice, nook and cranny need special attention. Your sharp eye and a toothbrush… Continue Reading “Silence Brings Calm”

Fair Weather Friend

You know the oneAlways there when the sun shinesor when you find five bucks on the sidewalk The first time you mentionthe creeping sadness in your heart >>POOF<<Magic disappearing actGone How are you? they askI’m feeling a bit depressed, you reply. . . Crickets… Continue Reading “Fair Weather Friend”

Natural History

Your love, a delicate seed.My words, to water and flow.Our passion, the heat of the sun.A kiss, now watch it grow. tara caribou | ©️2023

Heard in a Seashell One Evening

Relentless sway Rise and fall Wet, wet, dry Shifting tiny things Cradling the old Cold and full of life Warm and empty Filled with song and movement Movement, movement Rising again Bringing back new life A cry! An awakening Hopeful, peaceful, fierce Fits of… Continue Reading “Heard in a Seashell One Evening”

Fingers Outstretched

I don’t know butthere’s far more to be saidto be feltto be heardto be heldto be lived far above and beyondanything we could imagine perhaps the answeris simply: reach tara caribou | ©️2023 photo by me


she doesn’t need you to rescue herbut she says she’s a poetand she says she’s been hurt beforeshe says she wonders if she can love again she doesn’t need savingbut she’s desperatein her commentsin her private messagesshe uses your words as her museshe says… Continue Reading “Rescue”

Matt Fraser

Worlds Awaiting Discovery

art & writings by emje

original artwork, comics, fiction, & creative non-fiction

Raw Earth Ink

spit, mixed with dirt - muddy words flow

The Pegasus Fiasco

Apologies for my apologies


Poetry by Charles Joseph

Rum and Robots

We Survived and Arrived - Now as Warriors We Thrive

Robert Charboneau.

Writer and Artist

living document

a collection of short poetry from an autistic mind

Anonymously Hal

Poetry, Photography, and Thoughts


The Lies in the Skies Exposed

Writer In Retrospect

"When I am writing, I am trying to find out who I am..." --Maya Angelou

The Tigress Awakens

Welcome to my tiny corner of the universe filled with poems that I have written.


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