FINAL DAYS – Poetry & Art Submissions

Just a reminder that the submissions are nearing closing for the book The Poets Symphony, which will be published through Raw Earth Ink later this year. I’m accepting poetry submissions for another four days, through the 31st of January. Up to five pieces will be accepted per author. I’m accepting art submissions for about two+ […]

Don’t Let Them

Come on, girl Don’t let them see you’re hurting Don’t let them see The pain in your eyes Smile when you’d rather cry Say you’re okay When you’d rather say you’re dying Don’t look them in the eye Be vague Can’t let them know your anguish Your broken heart Your innermost feelings Cry in the […]

As We Close This Year

2019 has been, well, it’s been, for me, full. This year I achieved a dream I first imagined when I was seven years old, and that was to become a published author. Technically, this happened in 2018 with my inclusion in Indie Blu(e)‘s We Will Not Be Silenced anthology. But I am more specifically referring […]

Submissions Open

Just a reminder that submissions are open for the Poetry Anthology “The Poets Symphony”, due to publish early this spring. The deadline is the 31st of December 31st of January 2020 and you can submit up to five pieces to be included. Please check out the original post here for rules and guidelines. ~tara

Accepting Poetry Submissions

Hello there poetry writers! Want to be a part of an amazing anthology project and see your poetry published? Raw Earth Ink is opening submissions for next year’s themed poetry collection: The Poets Symphony. Anthology Title: The Poets Symphony: Verses, Melodies, and Lyrical Poems Description: a collection of poetry with a specific overall theme Theme: […]

Comic Death (excerpt) by Agyani

The following is an excerpt of the short story: Comic Death by Agyani, which you can find in the anthology Static Dreams Volume One. Inside you’ll find nine dark and twisted stories written by him and other amazing authors. I hope you enjoy this little snippet. Oh, and click any of the links below to […]