Approaching Existence

Your velvet breath along my skin, 
Draws sighs from my lungs
A deep ache blooms and burns
A crackling flame below
This smile, a smirk of memory
Your voice, low, reminding me
Wickedness sublime
Want unfettered
My neck, bare: hopeful
The heat of your lips, gentle, suckling
A trail of kisses, promises
Even your arms wrapped tight around me
Safety and provision, a nest of comfort
I am betrayed by my heart
Logic holds my reality
Heart holds my future, and so do you

tara caribou | ©2021

Book Release – A Fistful of Ponies by Dan Provost

Raw Earth Ink is proud to present Dan Provost’s newest chapbook of poetry, A Fistful of Ponies.

A veteran of the small press, Dan Provost’s poetry has been published both in print and online for many years. He is the author of twelve books, including his latest Darting In and Out from Kung Fu Treachery Press. Dan has twice been nominated for the Best of the Net and has read his work throughout the United States. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife Laura and Bichon Frise Bella.

Here’s a sample of one of his poems which I really appreciate:

Available at lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kindle.

Dreams Eternal

Dreams, only dreams,
Carry me away
Become my realities
If I sleep, and you don’t
Or you sleep, while I wake
Is one better than the other?

I dream vivid dreams
Waking dreams
Dreams eternal

I dream for both of us
Living dreams
Dreams for sharing

I dream of you and me
Lovely dreams
Dreams of passion

I live there
Within my dreams
Longing, hopeful, eyes shining
Want me to share one?
Just one, with you?

In my dream, I see us
Hands bound with a strip of white
My left to your right
As we face one another
Standing on a beach
Wind whipping my hair about
Eyes only for you, for me
I’ve never felt more complete
Your heart is nearly bursting
And as we speak our hearts
I know this is only the beginning
Our beginning
Our dream come true

Can you see it?
Listen closely
Can you hear our words?

Take these dreams
Tear open your breast
Push them deep inside
Sew your flesh back up

Now my dreams become our dreams
While I sleep,
And you lie awake
(Or is it me whose eyes are open?)

Tell me,
Would like me to dream more
Dreams, only dreams,
For us to see, together?

tara caribou | ©2018-2021

Read more like this in my poetry books, Fallen Star Rising & Four.

It’s Just The Way She Loves

she’s beautiful in your eyes

the way she dances as she works, singing loudly and shaking her hips when she thinks no one sees
the way she watches a small wild rabbit from the top step of the porch with a smile, a hand on her heart
the way she throws her head back and laughs loudly in carefree abandon, infectious and real
the way she gazes out across the sea lost in thoughts no one knows, her hair glowing from the evening sun

she’s beautiful in your eyes

the way she loves without apology
the way she loves with heated passion
the way she loves without strings
the way she loves easily and wholly

she’s beautiful in your eyes

the way she listens to your words intently
the way she values you and your many layers
the way she makes you feel so much less alone
the way she adds sparkle and desire to your life

she’s beautiful in your eyes
and you love her

tara caribou | ©2021

Expanding Synapses

dreams to reality
I feel your hand brush my hip
and stirring
I realize I can feel you
coursing through my veins
deeper still for
you move along the synapses
of all my nerves

somewhere along the way
you found me
as I lay eyes wide open
in death’s grasp
your lips touched mine
and you breathed out
forcing your air into my lungs
oxygen to a dead heart

I took you deeper inside
pulled you in
my brain slowly
rewired itself around you
old pathways shriveling away
new ones formed around your dna

your fingers
digging in to my side speak
I’m yours
we both know it
there’s no other way
I can’t breathe without you

bite my lip
pour more of yourself into me
use your fingers to delve
into my most hidden parts
curl them and flex them
while my lip bleeds
and our tongues twist together

my every thought is shadowed by you
now talk to me about
science and
mathematic formulas and
as our bodies slide together
slick with want and need and desire
wrists bound by the shackles of your palm
ignite all my senses

I am completely remade in you

tara caribou | ©️2018-2021

Read more like this in my poetry books, Fallen Star Rising & Four.

Textures in Black & White Photography

tara caribou | ©2021 all photos are mine

All My Senses Are Filled

I’m consistently constantly swept away

in feeling
your body crawling, moving across mine
lying on my back, arms above my head
your hand running up my soft skin
all the way up up up
lacing your fingers in mine

in seeing
your dark and shining eyes
reflecting the light of a flickering candle
hunger and love
the slightest lift at the corner of your lips
a flash of teeth

in listening
Stateless murmuring sexy lyrics
about how I’m in your Bloodstream
while you whisper all those filthy things
my breath in pants and whimpers
begging and urging, fuck me just right

in tasting
my own essence on your lips
mixed with yours on my tongue
lavender and frankincense
the rawness of us

in smelling
the combination of me and you
and everything we become together
vanilla candlelight
fresh rain on the open windowsill

in feeling
you pulsing between my thighs
your thundering heartbeats
your wicked tongue
you filling my heart to overflowing

yes I’m continually swept away
in the rushing torrent of your love

tara caribou | ©2018-2021

Read more like this in my poetry books, Fallen Star Rising & Four.


dark empty spaces
cold and alone
ancient radio waves and static
time is meaningless
out amongst the stars

moving, drawn forward
or is it backward
a satellite, a comet
orbiting far and wide
but always drawn to you

I keep my face ever towards you
shine on me
the only good thing I have
smallest touch of heat, light

I’m pulled in
the center of my universe
you don’t need me but
I sure as hell need you

the most perfect shining gem
I’ve ever seen
and I’ve seen a lot out here
countless lights to follow
I chose you

oh, how your gravity holds me
a willing, captive audience
here I am, orbiting you
ordinary space dust
wishing you would tug me
all the way inside your burning heart

I want to be made a part of you
not stay out here in the cold wastes
forever alone and
always looking toward you

tara caribou | ©2018-2021

Read more like this in my poetry book, Fallen Star Rising.

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