Autumn Colors Photography

The snow could show up any day… in the meantime, I am loving these bright autumn colors.

Snapped from the car while driving north to the city.
“Termination Dust” makes its way down the mountain.
Looking up… and up.. and up..
Favorite part of the road home. Almost there.
Recent double-bow made an extended appearance.

tara caribou | ©2022 all photos by me

Grey, Forgotten

I am the color brown.
Brown as the mud on my hands.
Brown as a churning dirty spring river.
Brown as the fur of a diminutive mouse…
No, I am not quite brown.

Perhaps I am the color black.
Black as cooled lava flows.
Black as the starless night sky.
Black as his eyes dilated in passion…
No, I am not quite black.

Perhaps I am the color red.
Red as deep late sunset.
Red as molten voracious nights.
Red as the blood coursing thru my veins…
No, I am not quite red.

Perhaps I am the color yellow.
Yellow as a dandelion’s delicate petals.
Yellow as the sun reflecting off the sea.
Yellow as his delighted laughter in me…
No, I am not quite yellow.

Perhaps I am the color grey.
Grey as the rain in October.
Grey as the bark of my favorite tree.
Grey as the remaining ash in a fire pit…
Yes. I am certainly grey.

But then again….
with you, I am bursting forth in color:
Crimson as an opening rose.
Peach as a flickering candle flame.
Gold as a sunrise watched from within your arms.
Emerald as the endless fields of summer wheat.
Teal as a still lake’s surface.
Violet as the sky at twilight.
White as the sun shining through a cloud.

Yes. You make grey forgotten.

tara caribou | ©2022 revised

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looking deep
into your beautiful eyes
I am lost
and I am found

I become more than I was before

my body burns for you
with each touch
I crave more
never enough

wrap your arms around me and
hold me tight
let my heart beat with yours
as one
always one

I desire a transfusion of love
some of mine mixed with
some of yours
to become something
altogether new and different

and somehow
more whole and pure
my mind, a whirl
a carousel of
lust and love and thoughts and
emotions and futures and hopes
and possibilities and
laughter and tears

we hold hands and spin
and spin around
all colors and sights and sounds

except our faces
our eyes
our smiles
laughter pouring forth
hold tight so I can’t fly away

let us live within this one moment
for all eternity
me and you
you in me
love divine!

reaching forward
I pull your lips in to mine
brushing softly
foreheads touching

my breath becomes yours and
yours becomes mine
in and out
out and in

I can’t quite figure out
where I end and you begin
but it hardly matters anyway because at least
I have you and
this warm cocoon of our love

tara caribou | ©2022 revised


Every dusky evening I
slip deeper,
further, entrenched
in your love
Warm hands on shimmering skin
Your arms encircle, a ring of stars
flowing around my waist
I sigh

You whisper, breathe across my neck,
alabaster, I stretch
We fit together, beside, over and under,
it feels right
Humming, murmured I-love-yous,
nestled tight, togetherness

Tonight and tomorrows onward
as far as I can see,
my hand in yours, we

tara caribou | ©2022

Book Review – Warflower by Robert Stark

Warflower by Robert Stark

The Amazon link

I read this book both on my eReader and again in paperback. This is an unsolicited review.

The Review:

Robert Stark’s book is the best book I’ve read so far this year. While I don’t typically read autobiographies or biographies in general, I have read quite a number over the years and this one makes a mark on my soul. Being raised not too terribly far from where I did in rural Alaska, I was immediately intrigued. It was a random chance meeting in a small local shop where I met the author face to face and we spent quite a bit of time talking and I was instantly drawn to his story, which was, as it happened, was to release the very next day.

The next morning I purchased the ebook version and read about halfway through, but as I always feel like reading from paper is better, it seemed an injustice to read it on the cold screen. I went out and bought the physical copy. To be honest, I read it in two sittings because I didn’t want to stop reading.

He begins by quickly covering his early life but the main gist covers about five years of his life shortly before joining the military and touring in Iraq in the early 2000’s. Growing up in Alaska myself, I identified with him regarding rural living and rampant alcoholism which is very widespread in the state. His descriptions of Iraq and war were hard. Hard because he’s one of thousands of men (and now women) who have fought in the name of human rights or power struggles or personal freedom or justice. The inner turmoil soldiers deal with on a daily basis is hard to read. Not only during times of war and service but then long after, the memories, horrors, realities, and guilt which inundate daily life, sometimes unexpectedly.

Stark struggles with his emotions, injustice, alcoholism, anxiety, depression, feelings of abandonment and self-worth. Even through all this, he writes in such an approachable way that, even though the subject matter isn’t always the easiest, his kind heart and strength of spirit flow and it feels GOOD to read it. It’s a story which needs to be told and read and remembered. It’s also one I hope he continues.

I come away from the book humbled and with a pride for him. To be able to really dig deep into himself and have that willingness to be vulnerable before us the readers, strangers. To say, in the midst of hard, hard realities, there can still be moments of quiet and beauty. There is still redemption. There is meaning and worth and love… even when it doesn’t look the way we expected or wanted it to look. I appreciate his sharing of seemingly random or chance meetings who he sees one time and never again and yet he can share the impact. It reminds me that small moments can mean so much more than we might ever know. A smile to a stranger. Saying hello. Being present.

My Overall Score:

To say I enjoyed this book is an understatement. I cherished reading this. What an honor to read this story. I give this 5/5 stars. Great writing, perfect length. The cover and title work really well for the story and the interior formatting and added photos were a nice added bonus.

Final Thoughts:

Highly recommended to those who enjoy autobiographical stories, personal war remembrances, or novels about personal tragedy and growth.

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be a good writer: read.
~tara caribou

**If this review was helpful or you’ve read it and want to add to the discussion, please let me know in the comments!

I will also, as a side-note, say, it may seem that I am harsh on many writers for their editing, formatting, grammar, punctuation, etc. I do so unapologetically. One, because this is a review, not a popularity contest. Two, because honest criticism should help us grow as artists.

The fact of the matter is, these things MATTER. A mathematician must use his tools and use them correctly to be an effective mathematician. A surgeon cannot simply say, “I know I can’t sew the wound closed but at least I could remove the appendix or whatever it’s called.” Same with writers. We can’t claim to be writers but refuse to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We can’t claim to be a photographer just because we know how to push the button on the camera (or phone). There’s an art to it.

So while I may appreciate the artist as a person and their words, I believe that it does us all a disservice to say lower quality editing is okay. Believe in yourself! Believe in the power of your words! Put the effort into being the very best you can be. Ask for help. Grow and learn.

A Few Recent Snaps

Foggy afternoon over the ocean.
In love watching this humble bumble bee.
…until he flew off…
Pushing up through the soil.
A lot of rain recently, so there are a ton of mushrooms around.
Also… a Spiny Dogfish shark washed up on the beach. It appeared to have been bitten by a seal.
I wasn’t the only one to find it. Yum-yum.
Wicked spine above the fin… and the skin is beautiful. Smooth going toward the tail, sandpaper going toward the nose.
Parting shot.

tara caribou | ©2022 all photos by me

Wild Untamable Moments

In a world of sticks and stones, wet and cold, wild, untamable, unreachable yet available, always ready, teachable moments,

A strand of bull kelp lies helpless on the sand, a gull’s stern look, thirty-seven King Salmon circling in the fish wheel, we release twenty-five and give thanks

A mossy trail weaves, becomes lost, reappears again beyond the bracken, lichen-covered old-growth branches cast dappled shadows over broad leaves and miniature flower gardens, mushrooms sigh primal wisdom

Listening in, the melody, the vibrations of life itself, pluck our hearts’ strings and we sing, one, a piece, a part, the entirety of the realm created just for you, for me, our children bloom

The whisper within the wind, a chickadee’s cheerful greeting, then the sun, borrowing from the ancient one, kisses the horizon and melts into the purple of evening, the breeze shifts and memories of old tumble, reminding us, remember remember remember

And we do

tara caribou | ©2022

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© 2022 | Rachael Ikins

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