Anthology Authors

A.P. CHRISTOPHER writes poetry, short stories, and novels.

AGYANI tries to make others listen, think, and smile and feels that a point can best be driven home through humor. Through his works, he tries to highlight the nuances about people around us which we tend to miss out on.

AMITTRAS PAL is an amateur writer trying to make sense of the universe within in his own way, a little music, and a lot of jumbled words.
Instagram: @amittraspal

ROBERT “BOBBY” BLADE is a resident of Southern California, his career as a draftsman has spanned over 14 years, working for several architectural firms throughout the Los Angeles area. His love of writing came early on, inspired to write stories from watching thought-provoking shows like The Twilight Zone. He is a fan of authors like Ray Bradbury, George R.R. Martin, and Stephen King. In recent years, he has taken writing seriously and hopes to develop his craft and be considered a true writer of fiction.

BRAEDEN MICHAELS is an American author living in beautiful Georgia with his family and his own unique creativity. Within his analytical mind dwell the many passages and corners of a world built by observation, investigative perception, and penetrating rationale. He’s been published in several anthologies as well as his own books of poetry, written in the method of Deconstructive Literature, in which he pulls apart nuances within human nature then organizes and restores it in poetic style. You can read more from him on his website.
Instagram: @braedenmichaels

BRANDON WHITE is a poet, songwriter, proud husband and father of twins from Fort Smith, Arkansas. He has released multiple EPs and albums (all available on your favorite streaming service). White’s work has appeared in several anthologies and has published two poetry collections, The Year That Stole the Light Away, in 2020, and Real Big American Zen, in 2021.
Instagram: @brandonwhitemusicandpoetry

CANDICE LOUISA DAQUIN, French-American editor and writer, was lead editor of SMITTEN, a collection of love poetry by women for women, co-editor of We Will Not Be Silenced, an anthology of poetry inspired by the #metoo movement and is the author of five collections of her own poetry. Her work can be found in bookstores and online.
Instagram: @candicedaquin

CARA FERAL is from the high plains of Laramie, Wyoming. She earned a physics degree in Kutztown University. She later dropped out of a full ride scholarship to study astrophysics at Louisiana State University to go hike the Appalachian Trail. Since then, she has thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail two times, the 2,600-mile Pacific Crest Trail, and the 3,300-mile Continental Divide Trail. Eventually she wants to be the first trans-woman to complete the quadruple crown by hiking the 4,600-mile North Country Trail. These days she quarantines inside the cozy confines of her apartment with her cat and boyfriend in Eugene, Oregon.
Twitter: @cara_feral

CASSA BASSA China-born Australian poet Jia-Li (Cassa Bassa) works with the disadvantaged people in the community which gives her a special insight into those that suffer. She is constantly inspired by their resilience and strength. An inquisitive writer that was a bit of a misfit as a child, she has blossomed into her writing. Jia-Li’s poetry has been published in the Australian Poetry Journal Volume 8 and The Poets Symphony from Raw Earth Ink. Read more on her blog.

CG TENPENNY is a poet, singer/songwriter, and photographer.
Instagram: @moltenpoetry

CHISTO HEALY has had over 200 stories published and several book series on the way. Much of his inspiration comes from the mind of his teenager, Ella. His other teen, Julia, has been published alongside him. He spends every day in North Carolina joyously watching his toddler, Boe, grow and evolve. You can find him on Facebook or follow him on Amazon to find all his stuff. He loves to hear from readers and authors alike.
Instagram: @ChistoHealy

CHRIS HALL describes herself as compulsive story teller, cat slave and hen keeper, who lives in the Western Cape of South Africa. So far she has published three novels and a collection of short stories. Her work was included in Writing My City, an anthology published for the 2019 Open Book Festival in Cape Town.
Instagram: @chris_hall_author_pics

CHRIS NELSON was born in East Anglia, but grew up in Birmingham when his family relocated while he was still a young child. After leaving school, he studied computing at what was then Wolverhampton Polytechnic, before deciding that it was not a career path he wanted to follow. He retrained as a teacher and has taught in a primary school in Dudley since the mid-1980s. He has dabbled in writing short stories since his youth, but has begun writing more seriously since the turn of the century. His poetry appears in The Poets Symphony and his short story “The Guest House” in the collection Static Dreams volume two. Both publications are available through all good online outlets. He lives in Stourbridge with his wife and two children.

CHRISTOPHER ALLEN WALDROP is a library assistant. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and multiple Dalmatians, although he can occasionally be found in other places and sometimes nowhere at all. An avid collector of graffiti among other things, he’s written art criticism for a local publication.

COLLEEN MACHUT lives along the lake shore in Wisconsin with her husband Trent and son Desmond.

DARREN DIARMUID is a writer from Ireland. He is currently working on a novel and a collection of dark poetry. His style blends raw emotion into surreal imagery.
Instagram: @darrendiarmuid

DVON BRIDGEFORTH is 22 years old and was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland by his mother and has two sisters and one brother. He began writing around the age of 11 when he realized he would grow up mostly alone without any siblings around. He was a pretty lonely kid so it was a way for him to pass the time. Dvon enjoyed reading, so that helped him understand English better since Spanish was his first language. His favorite activities are going to the gym, fishing, drawing, and playing the alto saxophone. Generally a quiet person, he isn’t afraid to socialize but would rather be seen than heard in most cases due to severe trust issues. As a pagan, he is open to all people regardless of personal views or orientation.
Instagram: @Valravyn_Odinson

EMJE MCCARTY inks with bamboo pens and brushes. She likes to experiment with writing and inking graphic novels. Emje journals almost daily. She has published a book of neurotic comics, a tangled book of short stories, a collection of self-portraits and poetry based on an art exhibit titled “the invisible exhibitionist” which is showing in the driftless region of Wisconsin where she lives and raises a horde of anarchists.
Instagram: @quixoticmama

FARA TUCKER is a writer, poet, storyteller, teacher, photographer, former therapist and current therapy client. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she’s called Portland, Oregon home since 2000. Her poetry can be found in Train River Publishing’s Spring 2020 Anthology and in the Summer 2020 of Subjectiv. – a journal of visual and literary art from the Pacific Northwest. She particularly loves exploring the beauty, heartbreak, and paradoxical nature of life and all its luminal spaces.
Instagram: @faratucker

GARY BRADSHAW is a Bejing-based international school educator, poet, and writer. Having spent most of his life moving from country to country, ‘place’ often features heavily in his work. He is currently working on a collection of poetry inspired by his time in China.

HEATHER TROTTER is a visual artist who enjoys drawing, painting, and photography. Her painting style is a unique blend of contemporary and pop-art. Drawing portraits of expressive characters is of keen interest. Spending time outdoors capturing inspiration while exploring urban and natural landscapes with her dog is a favorite pastime. She is drawn to reflections and the play of light casting shadows. She specializes in creating nostalgic art through commemorative custom projects.
Instagram: @heathertrotterart

HIDDEN BEAR is a Mechoopda poet and author originally from Northern California but currently living in North Carolina. He currently publishes his work on his website with writings about his life and his experience reclaiming the culture of his tribe. Growing up without his traditional culture has been painful but his is using poetry to connect to the culture, art, and spirit of his people. He has published a complete work entitled Moleskine on a Coffee Table and was featured in both The Poets Symphony and Creation and the Cosmos from Raw Earth Ink. His newest book Suburb’n ndn is out now.
Instagram: @hiddenbearpoet

J MATTHEW WATERS was born in Rock Island, Illinois in 1961 and grew up across the Mississippi in Davenport, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1984 with a BA in English. You can find his work at Amazon, on his poetry blog, and on Twitter.
Instagram & Twitter: @jdubqca

JAMILA WARDAK is a twice published poet and public relations student at California State University, Long Beach with a passion for beauty and poetry. Jamila is currently working on her own skincare line while managing her blog that focuses on beauty, poetry, and healing. Feel free to check out the sites or reach out to her on social media.
Blogs: or
Instagram: @jamilasbicycle

JANET SAWATSKY is a writer and photographer living on the left coast of Canada.

JENNY HAYUT lives in Virginia with her family that includes her shelter rescue Georgia, an extremely spoiled beagle mix. Her love of writing began when she was twelve when she was introduced to haiku poetry and then later discovering and falling in love with the macabre master, Edgar Allan Poe. She describes her poetry as finding its inspiration by way of Poe and the romanticism found in the era of the Bronte sisters. She currently has three poetry books published as well as a romance series and has had work included in several online literary journals and anthologies.
Instagram: @JennyHayut

JEREMIAH FOX is a figment of your imagination. He never existed but remains to this day. Creativity flows from his fingertips and drenches everything he touches. When asked why he writes short fiction, he merely whispered, A conduit: I am only a passage for the visions I see. Mr. Fox has been published previously yet rarely seen.

Instagram: @white_stag_poetry

JIMMI CAMPKIN is a writer and photographer currently living in the North East of England.
Instagram: @jcampkin

JNC MAUVE is a persona she created for her readers, so it is her pen name. She has been writing poetry for the last five years. Her lifetime dream is to be known as a poet and a language practitioner. She is also the creator of 365 emotions e-magazine. She wishes to die, leaving a prodigious amount of love for poetry.

JOANN L. BERG is a poet, writer, and amateur graphic designer. She lives in the midwest and enjoys its cooler weather.
Instagram: @joann_berg_writes

JOSHUA MARSELLA is a Maine native and stay-at-home dad. He is the author of Scratches and Severed and several short stories.
Website: @AuthorJoshuaMarsella
Instagram: @joshua_marsella
Twitter: @JoshuaMarsella
Goodreads: Joshua_Marsella

KATHLEEN NICOSIA resides in Rocky Point, Long Island with her husband and her sweet cats Pearl and Ziggy. She is a retired school social worker who earned a BA in English and a Masters in Social work. She participates in a women’s writing group called “The Woman’s Way”. She enjoys writing poetry, memoir, tap dancing, and singing.

KATHRYN WINOGRAD, Writer@9600ft, writes poetry and essays from her beloved cabin above Phantom Canyon in Colorado. A longtime educator and arts advocate, she is the author of six books and a winner of the Colorado Book Award in Poetry.
Instagram: @kathywinogra

LAUREN RYLANT is a bit of a poetry fanatic, a cat lover, and an introvert who craves social interaction when she’s not low on energy. On any given day you’ll find her writing with a cup of coffee or reading out on the porch swing enjoying the South Dakota weather.
Instagram: @laurenrylant

LAYNE AMBROSE is a lover of many things… but most of all music, writing, and family…
Twitter: @Chew­_On_Glass

L.E. ALEMAN is an artist and writer born and raised in Southern California. Her writing style is direct, unapologetic and satirical. Her themes shine a light on injustices and the responsibility we have as humans to make better choices. As a feminist and a vegan, she strives towards living a cruelty-free life. She is the mother of a grown son and lives happily with her husband of 28 years in Southern California.
Instagram: @equality451

LEON JONES truly is a Living Canvas. He loves art in all its forms, and skillfully employs it to convey beauty, challenge, evoke thought, express his faith and motivate. His goal is always to encourage and inspire others. Art is in his blood, and his being exudes and expresses it. If he’s not expressing himself through writing poetry, songs, and inspirational messages, he is doing so by singing and dancing like nobody’s watching. He also is a motivational Speaker for Disability Advocacy. In 2010, he was awarded Advocate of the Year and The Spirit of Detroit Award. Born in New Jersey, He now resides in Michigan. After being in multiple publications, he is currently working on his first book.
Instagram: @Livingcanvas84_

LOU RASMUS is a writer from Chicago. His short fiction has been published in print by Raw Earth Ink and Manic Raven Press, and his poetry has been featured online by various publications, including Silverleaf Poetry, Untwine USA, and The Grey Scene. His most recent novel, Primrose Isle, was released on Amazon in early 2021, and his other two titles, Grapefruit Juice and DEAD RED FISH, are also available online.
Instagram: @lou_rasmus

M ENNENBACH is a lot of things. Poet. Writer. Father. Fool. He writes from the heart and emotion that may be strange, raw, or disturbing. He is from Illinois but lives in Texas. His kids are the most important part of his life. His books Notches, Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, (un)poetic, and (un)fettered can be found at any major book seller.

-M. TAGGART is a loving father and husband. The small family lives on the side of a mountain in Maine. Matt graduated from the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Matt has been published in Z Publishing House, Vita Brevis Press, Ephemeral Elegies, The Drable, Literary Yard, proletaria, and was nominated author of the moth of June 2018 on Spillwords Press NYC. His short story, “Bodies in the Basement” was nominated and elected publication of the year (non-poetic) on SpillWords NYC 2019. Two poems, “The Abandoned Dawn” and “The Birth”, have been published by Vita Brevis Press in its first poetry anthology, ‘Pain & Renewal’ (which reached #1 bestseller in its category).

MARK RYAN was born in Oxford, growing up in the shadow of the dreaming spires. He studied film at London Metropolitan University, graduating to M.A in Film Theory. His work leans, bends, and sways to the metaphysical and supernatural, with a tendency to dabble in the macabre.
Twitter: @MarkRyan8289

MARK TOWSE is an Englishman living in Australia. He would sell his soul to the devil or anyone buying if it meant he could write full-time. Alas, he left it very late to begin this journey, penning his first story since primary school at the ripe old age of 45. Since then, he’s been published in the likes of Flash Fiction Magazine, Cosmic Horror, Suspense Magazine, ParABnormal, Raconteur, and his work has also appeared three times on The No Sleep Podcast and many other excellent productions. His first collection, ‘Face the Music,’ has just been released by All Things That Matter Press and is available via Amazon, Dymocks, B&N, etc. Look out for Mark’s four novellas to be released this year, including the long-anticipated‘Nana’ from D&T Publishing.
Twitter: @MarkTowsey12
Instagram: @towseywrites

MARK TULIN’s books include Magical Yogis, Awkward Grace, The Asthmatic Kid and Other Stories. His poems have appeared in Amethyst Review, Strands Publishers, Fiction on the Web, Terror House Magazine, Beatnik Cowboy, Ariel Chart, Dreams in Fiction, Still Point Journal, the Writing Disorder, and others. Mark is a retired psychotherapist who lives in Ventura, California with his wife, Alice.
Instagram: @crowonthewire_poetry
Twitter: @Crow_writer

MEREDITH HELLER is a poet, singer/songwriter, and educator. A California poet in the schools, she teaches poetry workshops at Juvenile Hall and on Zoom for kids and adults. She is author of the poetry chapbook, SONGLINES (Finishing Line Press) and her new book, WRITE A POEM, SAVE YOUR LIFE (New World Library) will be published in spring of 2021. She is mused by nature, synchronicity, and kindred souls.

ODY WEST started painting to combat depression. He has created a whole new style of art known as Rorschach Abstract.
Instagram: @westody

OLEG KAGAN is an author, editor, speaker, writing coach, and librarian. He has had his writing published on sites all over the web, as well as numerous literary journals and anthologies.
Instagram: @olegkaganwriter

PATRICK WALTS is the author of three books, Effugium: The Time Remaining, The Act of Laughing and Liberty. He’s currently writing a sequel to Effugium entitled Exsilium and an anthology of short stories entitled Grave Concerns. He currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with his wife and their menagerie of spoiled, bratty animals.

PIANO GIRL is a wife, mom of three young adults, and an elementary music teacher. She is most at home when sitting at the piano. She enjoys writing honest, personal stories and reflections about life. Writing helps calm her sometimes over-thinking brain.
Instagram: @kmariemorris

R.H. ALEXANDER lives in the Twin Cities area and is retired after a thirty-five year career as a newspaper editor and manufacturer’s representative. He is married to Pamela Hill Nettleton, has seven grandchildren, and claims to learn more about truth from them than anywhere and anyone else in these strange days. He has been writing poetry since he was six and his work has been published online and in print by Train River Publishing, The Eve Poetry Group, and Witches ‘N Pink. You can find more of his poems on Instagram.
Instagram: @R.H._Alexander

RACHAEL HOLMES is a teaching assistant with a degree in Psychology. She loves to compose poetry with themes of nature and relationships, and to explore the boundary between humanity and the natural world.

REDCAT is a lifelong bookworm that thinks reading, writing poetry and prose, music and dance makes life worth living. She trained as a soloist, sang in several choirs, acted and danced all through childhood and adolescence. Originally from the deep woods, this fiery redhead now makes home in Stockholm, Sweden, where you might run into her dancing the night away in one of the city’s techno-clubs.

RIVER DIXON has unknowingly found himself trapped in the incessant heat and beauty of Arizona. It is here, along with his family, that he finds solace stringing together words in an attempt to find a structure or sequence that may one day makes sense of all this.
Website: Potter’s Grove Press at

ROBERT BIRKHOFER is a writer, a dreamer, and a coffee drinker. He lives in sunny Arizona with his wife and their two cats. Visit Robert’s website to read more of his stories and for information on his other published works.
Instagram: @the_madpuppeteer

S J REIZLEIN lives in leafy Worcestershire, England. A fair amount of his time is spent reading, writing, traveling, and listening to music. He even finds time for exercise, on the odd occasion.

SAM “GOLDIE” KIRK, with a master’s degree in Global Business Management, is a full-time paper pusher living in the Northern Hemisphere. Sam always seeks writing opportunities – from being a writer for school papers, through an Assistant Editor-in-Chief position of a university magazine, to now being a blogger with over 2,000 followers. Sam is passionate about writing mystery, dark fiction, YA, and anything that involves a bit of psychology. Having lived on various continents, he likes to start discussions and explore diverse stories. Sam does his best writing on top of a mountain, by a river, or in the forest clearing. To stay golden, connect on Twitter or via his website.
Twitter: @EnneaGramType8

SARAH ANNE ROGERS is an artist and a writer. She lives in East Texas with her son, husband, and yeller dog.

SARAH LICHT is a third-year college student, a writer of poems and short stories, and an avid dreamer and gamer. A Florida-native, she would much rather avoid the sunshine altogether and curl up with a good book. When she isn’t writing, she can be found getting another cup of coffee, watching bad movies, or playing with her cat Lilith. In the future, she hopes to publish her own poetry collection and, even more hopefully, several novels.
Instagram: @wordsby_sarah

SHANE WINDHAM is a full-time author, songwriter, YouTuber, and game designer. Learn more at
Instagram: @wordfireprose

STEPHANIE LAMB began writing at a young age but primarily kept her work in private journals. In her mid-twenties she went through severe writer’s block while seeking medical intervention for insomnia and anxiety. She rediscovered her voice and now writes to empower others and give a voice to the voiceless.

STEVEN BRYSON is a part-time artist who lives on the Isle of Wight with his wife and daughter. He uses his art as a way of relaxing and keeping his mental issues at bay.
Instagram: @smallislandscribbler

TARA CARIBOU is a crunchy neo-hippie who flourishes in the wilds of rural Alaska. Wrestling with OCD-related depression, persistent repetition of thoughts, and constant analysis, she allows her love of nature to drive her inspiration and peace. She has three books of poetry and photographic art published, Fallen Star Rising, Four, and Euphoria in Blue. You can find her writing and creating from the heart barefoot on the beach or deep in the woods. Read more of her work on her website.
Instagram: @tara_caribou

TJ is a Canadian blogger who primarily writes erotic musings, poetry, short stories, and dabbles in abstract art, using it as a vehicle for the exploration of her fetish with acrylic paint. She has been known to use various body parts as paintbrush, palette, and canvas. She talks to trees and wishes she had a pet snake…but will settle for a dog.

TRISTAN DRUE ROGERS has had his writing and poetry featured in literary magazines (such as Vamp Cat, Genre: Urban Arts, Weird Mask, and more), and horror anthologies (such as 100 Word Horrors Book 3 & 4 by KJK Publishing and Twenty Twenty by Black Hare Press). More recently, he has poetry featured in The Poets Symphony anthology released by Raw Earth Ink. No More Kings, a sci-fi lite political novella set in North Texas, will be released by Running Wild Press sometime in 2020. Tristan lives with his lovely wife Sarah and their son Rhett in Texas.
Twitter: @RogersDrue

VALENTINA SALDAÑA is an author, actress, and artist from Texas. You can connect with her and experience more of her creations at her blog. She is currently working on her first book of speculative fiction short stories.
Instagram: @jewelsmoods


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