Change of Seasons

My heart is filled with autumn
Breezes teasing my hair loose
From beneath my wool hat
A river dried up left a winding trail
For which my feet to travel
Crisp air invading my lungs
Honking vees moving overhead
Crunchy leaves beneath my boots
Aging flora whispers of the nights to come

And I’m transported far from here
Remembering when he held me close
The fire crackling nearby
In his eyes were a different kind of flame
Holding my face, foreheads touching
“You’re all the best parts of me”
In the end, he was only summer
Burning hot and full of life
Until he spent more time looking
Out across the hills and valleys
And frost settled on his heart

Now I wrap winter about my shoulders
Like a shawl of cold and silence
Fingers clutching, pulling it tighter
Soft flakes whispering across my skin
Mute stillness as I settle on the porch
Crystalline puffs of breath
I can’t remember the last time I spoke
Sighs and groanings are my words
I’ll let nature speak, she never lied

tara caribou | ©2019-23

Read more like this in my poetry book, Fallen Star Rising.

45 Comments on “Change of Seasons

  1. Very nice work… those flying vees are heading down my way for the winter! I liked the shift in thought and wrapping winter around your shoulders!

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  2. The imagery of love and loss in the cycle of seasons is stunning. And I’m left seeing Summer, Fall, and Winter, and wondering what Spring might offer up.

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  3. I’m sorry – busy at the moment but wanted to stop by to say that I am glad to hear from you. I just read about a polar bear attack yesterday and had you in my thoughts.

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      • OK, now I was able to read through this piece and appreciate it. Filled with such vivid imagery as always. I seem to notice a theme with your poems (not all of course, but some here and there; does that make it a theme? anyway, sorry) – you like to use seasons to describe ‘your’ changing feelings. I know you love nature. Do you make that choice consciously? What inspires you to do so?

        A mother and a son in a remote place in Alaska. You’re the only person up there that I know, so of course I’m going to think of you. Glad all is well with you.

        It’s interesting how people assume polar bears are… nice? Coca-Cola commercials and all, but… no.

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        • Polar bears are well known (at least here) to stalk (and eat) humans. I hope to never meet one.

          I do write including nature a lot. It’s not that I generally “plan” on using it, but yes I love nature and feel connected to it (more-so than, say, cities and mankind). Nature itself is what inspires much of my writing.

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