Icy Cold

It’s been winter cold, though not extremely so, which means shorter jaunts outside… particularly when the wind is blowing. A quick walk down the beach to shoot a few photos, face/hands/legs numb, but it was worth it!

The sun doesn’t rise far above the horizon.
A jumbled mess.
Back home again.
Moose by the river, getting an easy meal.

Stay warm!

tara caribou | ©2023 all photos by me

37 Comments on “Icy Cold

  1. Thank you, Tara, for the pictures that make me put a cardigan on! I thought that my 7 degrees is cold!
    I like the moose by the river!


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    • Having the deep snow arrive “early” this winter, many moose have come down out of the hills. There are SO many around. This one was a couple feet off the road to the beach, across the road there were thirteen moose within a few hundred feet. They’re really quite magnificent. I’ll send you a couple that stopped by the house for a few minutes.

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      • I really wish I could recall the lyrics to the moose song one the druids I used to hang out with. He would sing it to much laughter and applause at holiday gatherings. It was a bawdy affair. I can recall the chorus, which went:

        moose, moose
        I’d like a moose
        I’ve never had anything
        quite like a moose
        I’ve had many lovers
        My life has been loose
        but I’ve never had anything
        quite like a moose

        You can extrapolate from that and probably guess the flavor of the lyrics.

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  2. Ice is amazingly photogenic – such variety of form, and the crystal detail in that first one is stunning. And looks quite content to pose for a portrait.

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        • They didn’t fall as snow. I’m not exactly sure how they are created… maybe I should look that up 🤔 The crystals form on surfaces when it’s real cold. The vehicle that hadn’t been driven in a few weeks was coated in a thick layer of them, at least an inch thick (several centimeters), which has been growing thicker each day. It must be a combination of the right temperature versus the right amount of moisture in the air.

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  3. now that is most definitely extremely cold! I do love the lack of colour in such times though, they really bring out the details, as you shown brilliantly in your photos.

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  4. lovely photos – nearly lost it when i read michaels moose poem, very amusing! still can’t get my head around a place so cold, i’ve seen snow twice in my life and never a temperature that low. scary. give me 40 degrees celcius any day!

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    • I’ve got to say… it’s definitely not for everyone. I’ve never lived in the desert (though I’ve been to several deserts in the states over the years and I think it’s beautiful… the only place I got a tick on me was camping in the desert! 🤢) To me, I can’t imagine living without winter! 😉 You’re the best Mr dRider and I always enjoy your comments.

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