Watering The Masses. REBLOG from O.D.

I highly recommend you click on over to OD’s site for a really well written article (which I contributed a little bit to, as well as Bree) all about content authenticity and writing/sharing in modern times. ~tara caribou


Do people actually want to consider reality when reading, or do they prefer to have no mention of it? 

Are we on our blogs to confront issues that affect us, or are we here to simply patch each other up and call it a day? Not mutually exclusive, I know, but I wonder.

Decided to take a break from writing here. It’s a little disheartening and at times, exhausting.

There’s a recurring non-committal attitude I’ve noticed when people share their thoughts on WP and even on Youtube. A desire to not offend or hurt people’s feelings because you’ll be labelled a pariah and lose followers/readers.

I understand the desire to harmonize and protect people’s feelings… just not at the cost of integrity.

Say your truth, don’t be a people pleaser. Approach issues you wish to address with respect (If this little tidbit sounds obvious, you’re exactly the kind of reader I like) 

I’m not a masochist desperately trying to get burned with every post I read, but I’m not a passive drone either. 

One of the reasons I started a blog in 2014 was to write content I wished to read. Sounds a little self-serving but hold on …

Watering The Masses.

4 Comments on “Watering The Masses. REBLOG from O.D.

  1. I enjoyed the link, Tara, thanks for sharing it. I’ve done some of my own personal reflections along these lines and it’s nice to have some counterpoints, as well as points of convergence, to consider.

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