Salmon Fishing in July

Set-net salmon fishing from this year. We set the net a couple hours before high tide and pull it in whenever we know there’s a few salmon caught. We do this until a few hours past high tide. There 1-2 high tides a day, this year one of the tides was 2am-6am so it was no sleep that night!

The net. Smoky skies from the million+ acres burning across the Inlet.
Fishing boats waiting for the opener.
Seagulls picking up salmon carcasses from the beach. No part goes to waste!
“Leave my scraps alone!”
Just off the beach a forest of alders. It’s magical.
Peaceful wind in the leaves.
Red Salmon
Beautiful colors.
8:30pm and the sun’s making its way down.
Fishing boats not far out.
Just after midnight, waiting for the tide.
12:30am and the fishing boats turn on the lights.
The salmon smoked and ready to be pressure canned.
Thai chilies added.

tara caribou | ©2022 all photos & video by me

54 Comments on “Salmon Fishing in July

    • I only like to harvest up to 16 salmon but 12 is a better number for my family and needs. I don’t like to waste the food, so once I get the amount I need, I stop fishing. As for how many jars, that just depends. When I get red salmon, they are very little in comparison to silver salmon (my preferred salmon) or King salmon, which are the biggest. I want about 40-50 jars.

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        • Thanks Mary! It’s a small learning curve but I’ve been doing it long enough now I basically have it down to a science. Last year I had some issues with my very dated and barely usable (became non-usable) pressure canner… so I bought a new one this spring and it worked like a dream! 💕


  1. Sounds like a fantastic experience for the day! Great that you’ve got that peaceful woodland just a short walk away 🙂

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  2. Wow. This is beautiful. Nice shots ✨

    I’m curious, are seagulls as aggressive as people make them out to be?

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    • Not the ones here. They are a little shy with people but I’ve seen them chase off eagles, which are much bigger than them. I’ve also seen crows and terns chase the eagles off. I think they’re very pretty. Their feathers up close are quite lovely and watching them soar and wheel and land is entertaining for me. But if I hold up my camera, they often fly off. Even talking to them makes them leave usually. Maybe they’re more aggressive in cities, or different species are more aggressive?? I’m not sure. But these ones definitely are not. I’ve spent many hours watching them at the beach. They sure aren’t brave lol.

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  3. A lovely diary, Tara. Ahh, there’s always gulls. We live about 90 miles from the nearest coastline but every year there seem to be more gulls. They have certainly adapted to urban waste and (certainly the Herring gulls) can be very aggressive.
    Lovely woodland!

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    • Yes, when I lived in Idaho, about 400 miles from the ocean, we also had types of “seagulls”. I never experienced any mean ones, but they sure did beg for treats!

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      • Distance certainly is relative – 90 miles is about as far from the coast as one can be in the UK! I can’t imagine being so far from the sea (I love the ocean and, of course, mountains).

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        • That’s very true (lol). I’m sure past fifty miles it’s all the same: too far! Nowadays I live a couple miles away and I love it. Personally, I like the mountains from afar but I don’t particularly care for being IN the mountains. I’ve lived very remote way up a mountain before, and while the air is refreshing, I prefer to be able to see wide open distances, such as over the ocean or a “sea” of fields and plains. Do you get to the ocean very often, then?

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        • Not as often as I’d like, really. Trouble is that when the weather is nice there’s a mass exodus to the coast and it’s tricky finding a spot away from people. That being said the West Coast of Scotland is stunning and mostly quite deserted (which is great!). Haven’t been for a few years so I’ll be add it to the planner!!

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  4. I was hoping we would get to see the actual fish! Thanks for delivering the whole entire experience to us.
    The first photo of the bonfire looks amazing.
    What do you do with that smoked/canned fish? I mean – how do you eat it?

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  5. Wonderful photos as always, Tara. Those alders are indeed magical. All that salmon is making me feel hungry. You really have been embracing the wilderness life, Thoreau-style. You’re making me feel rather sedentary by comparison.

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  6. There literally is NO other word for it … for you … than BRILLIANT. This is the life more should seek and live, this IS life. Everything else is just pretending to live. I adore you. ADORE.

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    • Oh you!! Yes, I did the city-living thing for a while. It just never felt like home. Best decision I made was to go back out to the woods like I grew up in. It’s been ten years in the wild and I love it.

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      • Sorry, I don’t mean to take away from the work you do and the choices you make that result in this… I mean more lucky that you were born in the States, ie in a country that you can do these sorts of things, that does still have some wilderness areas left.

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        • For sure! I didn’t take any offense, I simply meant that we make our own happiness. Believe me, I am VERY thankful I live where I do! 💕


        • 🤣🤣🤣 it’s quite possible.

          PS… I miss being able to comment on your blog. I always have these “witty” things to say and no one to say them to… 🫤

          Okay. Maybe not witty. But comments.


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