Bunnies & Birds (and something gross) Photography

I’ll share a couple summer-photo posts from the last couple months. Any follower of my blog knows I’m generally quite busy in summer with harvesting, fishing, and processing of foods. This year I also have a house being built as well as tending a new, rather large, garden. I also am soon preparing for this year’s moose and processing that, which is always a big job but provides several of us with meat for the year.

Speaking of moose. Mama had twins (as normal). Shy but adorable (in a goofy way).
Dainty hooves.
“Mama wait!”
Baby Two just realized they left her behind…
“Feed me muffins!”
Big Guy. I love this bunny.
One of Big Guy’s many, many babies.
Mosquitoes driving us nuts!
Beautiful flyers. I love their feathers.
Eyeballin’ me.
Baby. Look at those fluff-feathers.
Gross. Not a fan.
Somehow caught him mid-hop.
Chubby bunny belly…

tara caribou | ©2022 all photos by me

(cover photo: sea otter floating by)

43 Comments on “Bunnies & Birds (and something gross) Photography

    • Yes, there is one lone sea otter who lives here. It’s so cute and I wish we knew what sex it was and get it a mate and have baby pups! lol But for all the years I’ve lived here, there’s just the one sea otter and one seal (who I have never been able to photograph but who steals salmon out of the net occasionally).

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      • that’s odd too, because I know sea otters live in groups usually, so one on its own for so long has got to be unusual. A hermit sea otter on some aquatic silent retreat 🙂

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  2. Always enjoy your photos, Tara! Intrigued to know more about the house project?! Not a massive fan of spiders myself. Had a huge one in flat a few months ago, sent shivers down my spine! I find I’m getting a little less sensitive to them as I get older, but we have nothing like the one pictured in my part of the world 🙂

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    • Hi Steven, thank you! I’m not a fan of spiders but fortunately living in Alaska we don’t really have any poisonous ones, so they’re alright.

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  3. Amazing photos as always, Tara. The baby moose remind me a lot of young donkeys. Your rabbits intrigue me. Ours are all brown. I may have made that comment a year or so back. Alaska looks like an incredible wilderness. Preparing the moose meat must be a big job. Is any of it turned into biltong, or do you chop it all up into steaks and stick it in the freezer? Save me some.

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    • Yeah it takes a few people to process the moose. They are about 1200-1600 lbs (545-725 kg). It’s a lot of work! Last year I was able to get the help of a professional butcher who was interested in learning how to dress a whole moose. So his family got half the moose and we got the other half. It was a lot of help!

      I do a mixture. Some gets turned into hamburger meat (I don’t do a lot of it because I don’t like hamburger style meat), a lot of steaks and mostly chunks… I guess I’d say like stew meat. It’s more versatile for all different types of meals. I have done jerky, but not in recent years. I do ribs and also make large batches of soups/stews which I pressure can. That way some goes in the freezer and some goes on the shelf. If you were in the US, I’d happily mail you some!! 😀


  4. i kept looking for the gross thing. i had to look through twice to discover you think spiders are gross….aw. as a kid i used to play with daddy longlegs & used to throw crickets to the garden spiders.
    but i am grossed out by scorpions & crabs.

    baby moose are possibly the cutest thing ever. xo

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