Hole in One on the Green

first comes the tug
the jagged little tug
a rip and a tear
unstopping the cork
careful selection
no.. no… n— ah yes
twisting, shredding, packing
carefully readying

then comes the burn
how bright! how bold!
hungry, painfully hungry
seemingly unsatisfied until
suddenly giving way to fullness
a wisp of memory
how can such a small spark
beget such magic
tangible yet almost invisible
energy begging to be tapped
tame me! (but don’t contain me)

next a rush of oxygen
oxygen and -something else-
something NOT oxygen
heat and earth and light
a duality, the mixing
encircling with water and flesh
relaxing into motes of dust
charcoal grey, dancing
swirling her skirts before
turning and fading away

resting, chin on palm
eyes gazing far
beyond auroras and the moon’s path
seeing more
differently, but more
not clearer, the layers in between
fresh light on old subjects

finally the bone-weary ache
an aching heart
an empty hand
a divided momentum
it seeps in, makes itself known
one desire raising up then lying down
followed by another and another
subside, dominate, relax
after sleep
eye-shift, clear vision

at the junction, paused
then passing through
elements of all join
(for a moment, a mere moment!)
releasing and then become
-inhale-exhale- remade

tara caribou | ©2022

31 Comments on “Hole in One on the Green

      • I missed you too. I’m sorry I just vanished but I started seeing a new doctor and things got a little tough for a while. But I’m starting to feel like I can breathe again. And talking to you again feels wonderful, like coming home after a long long time away.

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  1. I really like how this can be interpreted, Tara. For me it reads like the yearning anticipation for something (like a child at Christmas), and the eager expectation which eventually gives way to disappointment upon realising that the chase often outweighs the reward. A bit like searching for love (and now the ‘adult’ take) – that desire to find someone special which often results in disappointment too.
    Magical as ever.

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    • You’ve come about as close as a person could to what was in my head, Chris. Very good interpretation. I assumed no one would really get it, and that’s okay too. I love reading the responses. Because I can see it through other’s eyes.

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  2. feels like the lifecycle of love and life – metaphor and counterpoint almost obscure? teasing and leaving it open to interpretation, or even application to things not intended, seemingly deliberately. love it.

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