Start of Summer Photography

Summer came early to my part of the world, with unseasonably hot and dry weather. It’s shaping up to be a busy year for me but not in a bad way. I was given the opportunity to till up a large plot of land for a garden, which I have done and it’s all planted. A moose has quickly discovered it and eaten through all my broccoli and cabbage through several starts, along with most of my cauliflower, kohlrabi, and Brussels sprouts. I’ve since replanted and now working on building a (hopefully) better fence. I hope you enjoy some recent photos.

A storm brewing over the Inlet.
Almost sunset at 10pm in May.
Rare sighting: caribou crossing the highway.
Moody clouds
Discovered a new(?) Alaskan company. Their Spruce Tip soda is a delight.
And I’m quite enjoying their cola, which, according to the back of the can, “tastes like a bolt of citrus and ginger lightning striking the Alaskan tundra”.
Electric 11pm sunset
Mama and baby moose 😍
Another flamer 11:20pm, one thing chemtrails do is create crazy-colored sunsets.
Last night, well after midnight. We don’t call Alaska the land of the midnight sun for no reason.
Moon and sunset
Through the screen window… what’s that in the foreground….?
Oh. Hey there Alaskan mosquito. “Unofficial state bird” 🙄

tara caribou | ©2022 all photos mine

39 Comments on “Start of Summer Photography

    • Yeah, summers are like this. Rises in the 4am hour… so where I live we have a few months where it doesn’t ever get Dark… but the offset being winter when the sun doesn’t come above the horizon for more than a couple hours 🤷🏼‍♀️


  1. Colorful sunsets! I love to watch the sky change.
    Too bad about your veggies, although the moose hit the jackpot.

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    • Oh yes, I love watching the colors change, especially in the evening. Today I’m working on the fencing some more. The thing with these big deer is they don’t scare easily and can step over (or push over) most reasonable fences.

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  2. Some lovely shots, Tara. At least the moose will be happy. Over here late spring has decided to turn into fairly constant rain (and not showers). The plants have taken a bit of a battering – out tomatoes are shell-shocked!

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    • Yeah, it’s quite hot for us. Hot and dry. It hasn’t rained in… well since April or first part of May. All the veggies are pretty wind-burned, but seem to be holding their own. Especially the ones the moose doesn’t like, like the celery (lol) it pulled one up and immediately dropped it again 🤣

      I don’t mind watering the garden by hand too much, it gives me a chance to really watch each one. The OCD in me haha. Today I’m getting more fencing material and enlisting some help. Hopefully it’ll discourage this one persistent moose.

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      • Good luck with that! Our seasons here have gradually changed over the years and nothing is as clear cut as it once was. We’ve not long planted in some trees, watering to get them established, and now they’re sitting in bog-like soil. Fingers crossed (mind you the forecast is for a week of rain!).

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        • I agree! It sure isn’t like it was forty years ago. I guess we just adapt, right? In the area I live, I’m watching it all dry out. Areas that were tundra (aka: northern bog) are now grassy and with spruce trees. The landscape looks so different and seems to change, at least in my mind, quickly. It sounds like you need some of our dry and we need some of your rain!

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  3. “Rare sighting: caribou crossing the highway.” Your profile picture looks different! Have you been catfishing this whole time? 😛

    So light out after midnight. Wow.

    Mosquitoes… ughhh

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  4. Love your photo series posts, and though i appreciate the nature in the nature ones; my favourite was the screen window (non-bug in HD). Gave it a other timely feel with a filter of concoction. Thanks for sharing these…and the drinks look yummy!

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    • Oh I know what you mean! 🤣 I never used to get more than two to three mosquito bites a year my whole life until the second time I got pregnant many years ago. Something about that one changed my chemistry or something because now I get the mosquitoes like never before that time…. Though admittedly, I can stand next to someone else and they usually have way more mosquitoes than me 🤷🏼‍♀️ But the last few years they’ve been so much worse and more aggressive than ever. I was happy to see this one (and the dozen others at that moment) on the OUTSIDE of the screen!!!

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    • Totally. I think you’d fit in here quite well. Fortunately the mosquitoes are only around for a few months.


  5. Beautiful pictures as always Tara. That baby moose is gorgeous 💞

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