Cotton Candy Trance

head on sand, I absorb ambience
eyelids flutter, salty breeze feathers my skin
gulls wheel and cry, waves caress shore
curling over, rolling under
churning then pulling away
the motion rocks and soothes me
romances me, dreamsqueezes

open eyes, I gaze into the heavens
wispy cotton candy clouds, take their time
spread, reform, color the sky
beyond them a blue expanse spreads wide
blue in blue
focusing in, the blue deepens
behind it I sense inky blackness

something about it draws a sigh
I long for you
wish you were here with me
beside me, fingers braided
toes lightly touching

for a moment I ‘vision you
over there, far away, grass-laying
just as I am on the sand
together, both staring into the future
ours, far above, into the black beyond
watching the clouds, listening to the world

everything pauses, trance engages
weightless, my body lifts

I’m flying up up up soaring and
there you are too! and our hands stretch
fingertips touch
grasp each other’s wrists, gripping tightly
my eyes search yours and
our lips touch and we’re
suddenly spinning and the tighter we hold
the faster we spin
inertia ripping us apart as
love glues us together and
we’re flying right through a cloud
raindrops sticking to our skin

and suddenly
cold grabs ahold of my ankles
and breath penetrates lungs
eyes burst open, chest heaving
I observe receding wave
perceive soft sand beneath
singular desolate tear slips

just one more salty drop
for my own private ocean

tara caribou | ©2022

36 Comments on “Cotton Candy Trance

  1. “just one more salty drop
    for my own private ocean”

    I love this line so much. There’s something about the ocean which brings forth powerful feelings and memories and often I cry beside the waves overcome by the rawness of it all. You’ve captured the feeling so well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! The ocean is so emotional, if we allow ourselves to be moved by it. Like you, I have been moved to crying many times simply by being near it. I’m so blessed to live where I live, to get those experiences on a nearly daily basis. To be pulled outside of my own mind.

      I’m glad you liked the line because it might be my favorite line in the whole piece. There’s a lot of hidden meaning (for me personally) in it.

      Liked by 1 person

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