Emotions, Love, and Vulnerability

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30 Comments on “Emotions, Love, and Vulnerability

    • I agree. Love is strength, vulnerability is strength. It makes me sad when I see folks holding back their love, stifling themselves. Sure, it opens you up to getting hurt but the rewards are far greater than the pain.

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      • Love is indeed strength. It is not always easy, though, to find the courage to reveal one’s emotions, although I would certainly agree that the rewards outweigh the risk.
        Love, as a word, has so many inflections though, and I think that sometimes the difficult is understanding the meaning implied by another.

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  1. very true, what about trust? do we need to trust people with whom we share our emotion, or simply trust our emotion? the latter is my default position, with rare exceptions … loved it!

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    • Trust is another huge aspect, for sure. You don’t want to throw your love-pearls before swine… but emotions can be fickle, moved as they are by even something like hormones or chemicals. I say to listen to the emotions with their own weight, but also learn to trust the inner soul workings as well, in their own weight. It is written, it’s better to have loved and lost (and I believe being burned or spurned falls into that category) than to have never loved at all… and I agree with that. I cannot fathom a world without love.

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  2. Vulnerability vs. guardedness becomes a fine line to toe, particularly in relationships and if someone is more particularly alpha than the other, either sex. Most people consider me a combination of both alpha and calm. My fiancee is quite an alpha and it radiates whenever we’re in public together. I let my alpha show when the time calls for it. Otherwise, I’m easygoing, but very protective of myself. So is she. It helps understand each other, but the few vulnerabilities I show, she has been through her own ordeals and trials that she can kick me through the vulnerability in her own alpha way. We show each other all our cards, we have our moments of weakness, fallacies and insecurities, but we are a strong unit together and ultimate teammates on top of lovers and best friends. I know she feels showing emotions is a weakness, while I let it show only when necessary. She is ex-military and her aggressiveness shows through that, but neither of us are passive in our expression of emotions to one another. We are both very guarded in public, though I can be far more vocal than her. Again, toeing a fine line.

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    • Excellent thoughts, Ray. It sounds like you have a really solid relationship, having been able to “work around” each other’s strengths and weaknesses together in a very understanding way. I like that! We are all a little broken in some ways and finding another soul to come along and fill in those gaps is an absolute godsend, a gift.

      In particular, I wrote this regarding a very good friend of mine who is very guarded with emotions but is a very special, wonderful person who I am honored to call my friend. But I always want the best for people, no matter our personal standing.

      May you and your Love have many many more years of love and life and peace, ever growing closer, together.

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      • I’m glad you honored your friend so eloquently. I too wish the best for all of humankind, but we know how difficult that is across the board. It makes the whole topic of trust a dicey thing. Trust is what I have with my fiancee, TJ, and both she and I broken in different ways, but we’re also very strong people who have made a team-minded force. Thank you for those lovely wishes and may you do likewise. i feel TJ and I were destined to find each other again and now it’s a fulfillment thing.

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