Light and Shadow Photography

In winter, it seems to me, the play of light and shadow appears most intense. Especially when observing the snow and sun, freezing and thawing, ocean and air. I hope you enjoy a few examples.

The afternoon fog on a calm day creates a mood.
Driftwood in black and white.
A sharp wind and a grey sky produce black waves.
A mountain of plowed up snow.
Although this shot is out of focus, I rather liked the mood it engulfed.
In a few months this willow should see green buds again.
It wasn’t until I was reviewing my photos that I saw I caught a drop of melted snow in the act.
The sand of mixed with the snow which has been plowed off the road melts at an accelerated rate.
More driftwood in black and white.
The sun beams oozed through.
These last two images I share together only to show how different one scene can look merely by viewing it landscape versus portrait. Two totally different feelings.

tara caribou | ©2022 all photos by me

72 Comments on “Light and Shadow Photography

  1. Beautiful photos Tara, I particularly like the very first one and the landscape version (2nd to last). The landscape view just seems to ooze drama with that wider aspect 😊

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    • Yes! That’s my thoughts as well. Dramatic. Thanks for stopping by! It’s good to ‘see’ you… I hope you and your family are well.


      • We’re all good here. Our daughter takes her school exams in the summer this year and is now 16 (I feel old). I’ve lost a bit of my art mojo just now but trying to stay positive and do bits here and there

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        • I know, she’s turning in to such a thoughtful and caring young woman who is fiercely protective of her friends.
          Hope you’re doing ok, I imagine it’s still pretty cold but hopefully not too long before the thaw starts?

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        • I was just listening to the first of the spring birds out on the front porch. We don’t really have many year-round birds, so it’s always a treat to hear their song again. Yes, still winter… which generally for this area lasts into April when it sort of begins to be Breakup (or Spring) in May. It’s been, weather wise… a different sort of winter.

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  2. “observing the snow and sun, freezing and thawing, ocean and air.” – these words hooked me and your pictures did absolute justice, amazing beauty captured for the play of light and the season.

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      • the extremes of this planet, even if we don’t live totally at one end, are amazing and wonderful reminders of how much a passenger we are in this amazing life we are given. like the torrents of a river or the thermals of a cloud, the slopes of a mountain, whatever – embrace them, experience them, throw one’s self deep into them no matter what. sometimes the lens of a machine captures that so well. your camera (of course, your eye) as one good example … that is one of the magic moments of photography, when the mind, the soul and the machine align …

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        • It’s so true! I try to fully embrace my little part of the world. Everywhere is beautiful and full of wonder, but this is where I am and so: I embrace it! 💕

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  3. I enjoy your images. They have depth and intrigue. What a place to just breathe and be.

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  4. Beautiful study of winter light and shadow. Here in Canada I find the exquisite winter light to be a good consolation for all of the darkness and cold. Your abstracts are particularly nice.

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    • I’m a fan of winter myself. We’re currently in month five of winter and I always get a bit sad when it’s coming to an end, but we’ll have another month or so before the snow is gone. I definitely live in the perfect area for me!

      I’ve been through Canada on a number of occasions, usually in October or April. Yukon, Alberta, British Columbia. It’s very beautiful. Somewhat like Alaska, but also unique in its own ways. Banff, of course, being so stunning and immense. I find the great north to be intensely beautiful.

      Thank you for stopping by! 😌


  5. I totally agree with you. Winter skies add so much to landscape photography. We recently moved to Scotland and the skies seem so much bigger. I was hoping to get into the hills near our house for some snow images this winter but we had no snow at all. 😢. Maybe next year Lol.

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    • I’m sure it’s just absolutely beautiful there! Especially out where there aren’t many people about. Does Scotland typically get much snow? Where I live, we typically get six-ten feet of snow, though of course it melts and builds, compacts, but overall. I love winter.


      • The Scottish mountains tend to get a fair bit of snow. We are right by the sea on the west coast so I didn’t really expect much here at sea level. I had hoped for some in the hills behind the house though. We clearly don’t get anything like you though 😮

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  6. Excellent photography. I wouldn’t have looked for the contrast if not for the title and the captions. I’m such a photography newbie lol.

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