Wintery Ocean Photography

The other day I mentioned I had been unable to leave my property (via vehicle) due to a combination of heavy snow, warming up to rain, back to snow, several cycles every few days. Then a big wind which drifted the snow. My driveway, and indeed the road to my driveway and even the byway to the road were all unplowed and even four wheel drive was a struggle.

I don’t mind staying home. But when the front end loader was able to make it to my place and clear the snow away, I took the opportunity to get to the beach for a fresh view.

Unsurprisingly, I took about 500 photos which I have now pared down to about 30. In no particular order, here are some of those. I hope you enjoy.

A group of about fifty crows were hanging out. I love how friendly and smart they are.
I’m particularly enamored with sunlight through the wave or the spray.
Sea ice dots the waves. It’s very humbling to watch them dunk under and flip and turn.
I thought it was cute how this one was standing up in a clump of snow, the advantage of mere inches.
A sudden gust of wind seems to have caught this sea bird by surprise… and photo-bombed my shot. I’m not complaining…
The reflection off the iced over snow field was quite dazzling.
More of that sea ice.
A couple days prior, it was quite foggy all day. I like the layers looking through the trees.
I know this one isn’t quite in focus, but I like the shape of the wave and the light coming through.
The foam is always such a nice contrast to the dark water.

tara caribou | ©2022 all photos by me

57 Comments on “Wintery Ocean Photography

  1. I love your picture , the wave crashing as the sun sets, hope to see more such pics soon . Thanks for sharing

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  2. Really cool photos, tara! The ones with the trees and fog I especially like. I have been missing your posts on Instagram, so figured I’d check in on you over here. I need to become a more frequent WordPress visitor again.

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Robert! Yeah, I was pretty enamored with the fog that day. Got some cool pics. I also made a pretty epic (haha) sledding hill that day. It was so fast. The time back up the hill, I would sink every step up to my waist, so I’m laying there on my back at the bottom of the hill just staring up at the tree branches thinking, ‘maybe I’ll just lay here a bit’… sledding is hard work, kind of scary, but also lots of fun. Gotta enjoy these winter days while they last! It’s only six months long, you know 🤣

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      • That sounds amazing! Yes, it does sound like hard work if you have to climb uphill through waist-high snow! I used to love sledding when I lived in the midwest. Now, living in AZ, there’s not a lot of sledding to be had lol! Snow is kind of a mythological thing here – in the hills, where it sometimes snows a little, you’ll see cars lined up on the side of the road so people can get out and touch the snow.

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  3. Some years ago, I remember taking a photo of a wave crashing into the shore, and seeing those individual droplets of water absolutely mesmerized me. It’s not easy to get the perfect motion shot but when you do, it’s so worth it.

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