Windy Afternoon Photos

The other day it was quite windy here. Winds 25-30 mph (about 40-48 kmh). Fairly typical winter winds. That brought temps down to about -5*F (-21C)… which doesn’t feel (or sound) too bad … except it was. To snap these photos, I had to put on full gear, including balaclava, glasses, down hood and parka. Normally I don’t have to go to such extremes, since I’m used to the chill, but man that wind makes a difference. Fingers (or any uncovered skin) go numb in mere seconds without protection. As such, I didn’t stay out long but I hope you enjoy a few windswept snowbanks and a lovely setting sun.

It’s me.
The sky above looks calm.
Wind whipping snow off the bank and you can see the snow in the sky as the sun glints off them.
Looked like one of those contour maps to me.
Might need to clean off the back window before I go anywhere…
4:35 pm… about an hour to sunset
5:40pm. We are gaining about five minutes of daylight a day.
No sound (it was way too loud with that wind whipping, but it’s mesmerizing to watch the snow crystals skip across the surface. At least it is to me.

tara caribou | ©2022 all photos and video by me

41 Comments on “Windy Afternoon Photos

  1. Thanks for braving the wind chill to get these photos. My browser (Firefox) is telling me the video file is corrupted, but not what the problem is.

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  3. Beautiful pictures…that’s quite brace of you to go out in such crazy low temperature to take these pictures…thanks for sharing, Tara ❄️

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  4. Oh, wind in the wintertime is a nightmare… It brought me back to the days that I did not enjoy.

    The snow crystals in the video make me think of a beach with very pale sand and I almost feel warm for a moment.

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  5. that’s extreme, looks beautiful but I also know how deadly it can be if you’re not wrapped up, and of course make sure every walk out if followed by a hot chocolate and soup 😀

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