Nobody Reads | REBLOG from Chris Nelson

Nobody really reads
And I sit here with my pen
And page
Quartz-white and aching
With the longing to be heard
With the longing for the scratches
Of life and love and pain
To leave their trail
Like the snails who emerge
To the freshness of the rain
With a purpose and a will
On the fences and the leaves
On the skin of another.
Nobody really reads
Eyes scan screens and pages
As if expecting something more
To leap out from the words
To seep from the page
And settle beneath the skin
Like a message or a meaning
Or something better to take
The time away
A quiet infection of purpose
Or entertainment or something
Something other than this.
Nobody really reads
As a colourless wash paints over
It’s grey
Face recycled with the same words
That we heard before
That we heard tomorrow
With no more meaning than the clouds
Which spin and scuttle
Like frightened crabs across the sky
Across the beach
To the sea that swallows them whole
As the language slowly dies
Behind our eyes.
Nobody really reads

Nobody Reads

© Chris Nelson

17 Comments on “Nobody Reads | REBLOG from Chris Nelson

  1. It was funny because I read the title and knew it was a reblog. As I read the lines of the poem, my brain told me: “Sounds like something you’ve read before,” and I was certain that you reblogged a piece of your own. Until – I clicked on the link. I guess I have not read it after all, which prompted me to reflect on my own reading. When I first started blogging a few years back, I remembered EVERYTHING I read and I knew whose blog I read it on. Nowadays, I catch myself reading the same piece twice and am not really sure if I read it before or not. I consume quite a bit, but not everything has the impact. It’s not because of the content, but because of the quantity, I think (or my age *gasp!*).

    Anyway – great piece and thanks for sharing it with us.

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    • Sometimes I get that feeling too, of reading something again. But generally speaking, I can read the same things again and again and it will impact me differently each time.

      And yes, I really love Chris Nelson’s writing. He’s one of my favorites. Great story teller and awesome poet. (And a nice person, too!)

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  2. I feel like the message from this poem will continue to be relevant forever. And you put it so well. There is often a lifeless approach to reading that people fall into without noticing. Reading, not to see what’s being said, but to just get through it — not intending to connect. I don’t know what the perfect way of reading someones’ work is but I personally like to read people’s poems twice or more to see if I find new meanings and connections with added context.

    —– On the other side of this whole thing, however, are pieces of writing that add nothing. You know the ones. Vomiting on the page, not really saying anything. And by “anything” I mean anything real. Even someone complaining about the difficulties in their life is real. Because those problems are unique to them. Saying “nothing” to me is when people regurgitate what’s already been said in an attempt to seem informed or to virtue signal. Take for example the conflict in Ukraine. It’s obviously terrible what’s going on there, however, you find people who were never following the geopolitics of Eastern Europe all of a sudden being know it alls of the entire conflict. Doing all they can to help by telling everyone how “Horrified” they are with what’s happening lol the same people are quick to add BLM tags as soon as there’s another shooting. I think in many ways, there is more writing of things like that than there is the writing of people who genuinely want to engage and connect. And by extension, there is a weird fatigue that comes with hoping to see something real whilst reading, you know. Or maybe my algorithm is in bad order.. Lol sorry for leaving such a large comment.

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    • Yes, exactly. I’m the same way about re-reading. I generally read through a poem at least twice, sometimes five or six times, depending on what I’m taking away each time.

      I want to be impacted. To be changed… as I want with others reading my own writing. Whether it’s stretching out the imagination or touching a heart.

      And I also agree about the “nothing” shares. Especially in the last few years with global politics. How short-sighted and easily swayed by emotions folks are. While I won’t shy away from discussing politics or religion, I won’t engage with those who aren’t open to respectful conversations and non-mainstream engagement.

      Therefore, I agree with everything you’ve said here, the weird fatigue and all. I often shake my head at the “atrocity of the day” I see shared by… well… sometimes it seems like the majority. I’m not saying folks shouldn’t share their opinions, they should… but should also be open to the possibility that 1) they may be wrong, 2) there are those who may disagree, and 3) there’s more than one perspective and others probably know more (and less) about it than they do. And. That’s. Okay.

      (PS: I don’t mind long comments at all!)


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