clipping sound bytes
we forget pauses and
resist spaces of thought

tara caribou | ©2022

13 Comments on “Resist

  1. i like this one, says so much in so few words – while it sounds like the origin of the idea was the fast staccato media we see so much these days it could apply to more than just that context, for me it lands in a few different places – as simple as personal interactions where someone feels uncomfortable to simply say or ‘admit’ ‘i don’t know how i feel about that’ or even ‘my reaction is anger (or whatever) but i’d like to not talk now and see how that feeling matures’. reactivity. clipped sound bites (y or i?) are for reaction yes? reaction, reactivity is natural but if it is in control then we aren’t. time to think, to feel. maybe i got it wrong but thats where it all landed for me … thanks.

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    • You nailed it, beginning to end, as always! I thought about explaining myself but I generally err on the side of allowing the art to speak for itself.

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  2. In many ways this sums up alot of the ‘problems’ we have created for ourselves. Learning to appreciate the spaces is becoming a lost art. Great poem, Tara.

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    • I agree wholeheartedly. When I speak to folks (especially non-Alaskans) for the first time (and when I worked in a call center for a time) I often explain that I talk slow, with long pauses. It’s sort of an Alaskan thing… but it’s also coming from someone who is very careful about the way things are worded. I am very comfortable with silence. There’s something to be said for “thinking before you speak” and also “WHILE you speak”. Some of the most impactful moments of my life have been in the quiet moments between.

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