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The other day I went to clear out my search history on Google, as I do occasionally, and as I read my recent searches, I began to giggle. It stuck with me and I thought, I know I’m not the only one…

And I guarantee I don’t have the weirdest search history out there.

First of all, may I say, writers are weird. Yes, I’m talking to you. We research, even minorly, the strangest things for our writing efforts. I bet some of you who write history or science fiction have some very interesting searches.

I’d love to hear some of your recent searches! I hope you’ll comment and share a few. I asked on my social media and received some funny and some head-scratching responses.


57 Comments on “Search History

  1. I’m with the guys here. I’m prepared to mention my most recent one: ‘recipe for pasta with asparagus and tuna’ – that’s suitably non-questionable and uncertifiable 😉

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  2. Mine:
    How can you mend a broken heart
    Why does the crowds yell shuuu in sports match
    L shaped blue sofa and rug
    Thirroul Beach
    pfuck pfizer

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  3. Curious, why the search on Logan’s Run???? I think that is such a great visual representation of the words/philosophy – This is how we’ve always done it!!! To include politics, religion/dogma and tribes!!
    So, why your search, My Dear? 😊💕🌹

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    • I’m not much of a movie watcher at all, but I remembered a movie I’d seen years ago and considered watching it again. I wasn’t 100% on the name but thought it was Logan’s Run. I was double-checking the title and my guess was correct. Then I looked to see where I could watch it. 😌 And yes, that’s what I was remembering about it, too.

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