Words as Rivers, Flow

Early in the morning, I miss you.

Those long conversations, me staying up far too late and you, laughing at my tired voice, refusing to fall asleep. How topics, flowing, turning and twisting, like a river down mountains through valleys, sometimes ebbing, slowing, deep wide areas with layers of meaning, sometimes the words tumbling, rushing to escape over the cliffs of lips.

I miss you.

The unspoken bond between us growing, deepening, become stronger, unfathomably so, as we muddled through lust into deeper meaning, each of us longing for more than mere physical attraction but to another soul to simply listen and understand and not walk away regardless.

Within these memories, I miss you.

tara caribou | ©2022

24 Comments on “Words as Rivers, Flow

  1. This is stunning, Tara, in both its sensitive beauty and its tinge of melancholy. That unspoken bond – it’s like when you are asked what you like about someone and, if you truly love them, it is a question that is impossible to pin down or answer. Lovely!

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  2. This line…”each of us longing for more than mere physical attraction but to another soul to simply listen and understand and not walk away regardless.” I so feel this line. There is depth that our souls yearn and some of us can feel this energy distinctly. You’ve captured so much with this line and I cannot help but recognize myself and other souls that I’m humbled to have met bonding like this. Deeper than the physical, where being us is deeply loved. Happy New Year, Tara!

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  3. such a complicated web these words unlocked in my thoughts … strange but liberating to miss someone, even stranger to not miss someone who one missed so much in the past. how things can change. awakening, revelation, time can affect us so much … loved this piece …

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    • Thank you Mr Rider. This one sort hung around in my thoughts for a bit before I shared it; as you said, how things change, with awakening and revelation.

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